CT scan

Today was my CT scan day.

I’ve had one of these before so I knew what to expect.  But here I will tell you what to expect if you have to do it.

You cant eat anything up to 4 hours before, or drink anything up to 2 hours before. So basically if you wake up in the morning for a morning appointment which is normally the case you go thirsty and hungry.

Upon arrival to the CT part of the General Hospital in Paphos, with your 1 liter of water they empty out once glass out of it and replace it with a small bottle of a medicine that tastes like ouzo, or aniseed. Its really disgusting. My appointment was at 11:00 am.  Their instructions where to drink two glasses immediately and 1 glass every 15 minutes until I had one glass left for the actual scan at 12:15.

Well, let me tell you for the most part I held my nose, that works like a cold, you cant taste anything when you have a blocked nose! For the rest of it I held my breath and tried to gag as little as possible. Having my mum and sister there was very helpful as they wouldnt stop yapping so it kept my my mind of the job at hand and made time pass really quickly! So take friends with you to keep you entertained!

By 12 o clock I was on my 3rd pee and unfortunately this stuff has an effect on your bowel too.  As in you have to run.  So if you think its wind, it probably isn’t!  It didn’t have that effect on me last time but perhaps the completely empty stomach and yesterdays radioactive injection didn’t help.   Trying to find a clean toilet at a hospital isn’t an easy task I can tell you. Not one where you can actually sit down anyway. Not really great when you are in a hurry! lol

I went into the CT scan room and she put a butterfly needle into my arm ready for when they were going to inject me during the scan.  I then had to remove anything metal off my body, that means your bra ladies and nose studs too so don’t wear funny underwear with metal decorations as they will have to come off too.  You get to wear a lovely hospital gown that doesnt shut at the back.  How sexy is THAT.  My mum and sister found it most amusing when I opened the doors to the waiting room and danced a little.  You see you have to try and make jokes out of the situation otherwise things can get rather depressing.

Then you have to lie on a long table, again thats so small your arms dont fit on it so I had to tuck mine under my arse. You don’t get arm rests for this.   The machine is rather huge and you go through a large donought shaped type thing which is what takes pictures of you.   Towards the end of the scan they inject your butterfly thats sticking into your arm already (painless) with this fluid stuff, think there is about four of them, and you get this warm feeling in your throat, chest belly and your private parts. Its like you wanna pee.  And it can make you dizzy and feel as though your drunk.  It only lasts seconds.  Then you go through the machine a few more times, holding your breath at various stages and your done.  So the scan is simple and straight forward providing you remain still. (let this be another record for me). It was rather boring so I spent mine humming to myself, and singing, it helps take away any fear you may have.

The before part is rather crap though, cause it makes you feel sick and it gives you diarrhea!  Howeve the warm and fuzzy feeling is rather nice from the injection! Thats probably the only upside to it that and the part of being able to lie down and rest! lol   The actual scan itself took half an hour but it can be even less depending on what you are having scanned. I had a full body one as they are checking to see if the malanoma has metastasized to my brain, breasts or belly.

The results time depends on how serious your case is but generally its within the week of having the test. Or it can be on the same day.

I am picking mine up in two days and then I am going to see the oncologist straight after.

So by Thursday I will either be completely relieved or a complete wreck. Or both..   I am trying to be up beat about it but truth be told I am terrified of what lies ahead.