I have had a rough couple of days.

Yesterday I felt so ill I went to the doctor who said I have a Acute Bronchits. Let me tell you, there’s nothing a cute about it all all. I sound like Darth Vader!  I had to sit in the clinic for a whole hour before I was seen and then I got a call from my sons nursery telling me he was restless due to his eyes not opening properly cause he was sick too. Then I get out to my car and see that someone has scratched it. I really don’t like Mondays.

I finally spoke to my oncologist who has arranged for an appointment for me to go see a surgeon in Nicosia.  Nicosia of all places.  I don’t even know where the hospital is. I have no family there so I am really upset that should I proceed with the surgery there I will have to do it without my family being near by.  Which you can say I am a big girl now and don’t need my mum and dad, but recovery is always faster when those you love are around you, wouldn’t you agree?

Still one step at a time. I am on strong antibiotics now to get rid of the bronchitis. Then I can have surgery to get rid of my lymphnodes which will leave me with fat arm syndrome apparently aka lymphoedema.  Great.. I really will look like something out of the cave man days, me walking whilst dragging my arm behind me.. yes its ok, you can laugh at my comment. I did. 🙂

I found a useful forum today. Its for UK Melanoma patients.

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  1. sharon
    May 18, 2010 @ 22:27:05

    Alethea, just wanted to wish you well for your next operation and recovery. Keep seeing the funny side in everything because it really helps and there’s not much point in being miserable. Life is too short even if you live to be 100!
    My melanoma story is different to yours (just waiting to find out if I’ve had a 4th melanoma removed) but we all go through the same ups and downs. Best of luck, Sharon


  2. Marsha
    May 19, 2010 @ 17:51:27

    You might not get a fat arm, hun, I was told I was “young” (46 at the time) when I had my groin dissection, so I might not develop lymphoedema… and you look a heck of a lot younger than me! There’s a superficial lymphatic system that can take up some of the slack once it’s coaxed into action!

    But I do agree that it’s much nicer to have your family around you at a time like this.

    Marsha xx


  3. Lloyd Owens
    May 19, 2010 @ 17:59:19

    Alethea, we have never met, but we exchanged e-mails a month or two ago, when we were talking about your excellent Cyprus-based parenting website. My daughter, Sarah, told me today about your illness and gave me a link to your blog. Of course, it was meticulously crafted and written, as is all your work. I just want you to know – though I expect you know this already – that there are many, many people out there who love you, care for you and are thinking about you…and we all want you to get better soon! With your drive and determination to succeed you WILL get over this…and life WILL return to normal; though it may not seem like it as you undergo the ups and downs of treatments. In the meantime, be brave, keep smiling, trust in God…and just concentrate on getting better, ready for all the good family times together ahead. Warmest hugs from Lloyd and Ann xx


  4. Alethea
    May 19, 2010 @ 18:37:48

    Wow thanks all!

    Its a journey I wish I didn’t have to take but will take it anyway and I hope I come out in one piece so to speak on the other side.. I have all my friends as you said Loyd and my family near me Marsha and I hope that this blog may help someone else understand that you cant be all doom and gloom otherwise you’ll never get better.

    Thank you for adding my blog to your list Seanty, its through google that I found you and in turn found that forum which has been very helpful.

    Good luck Sharon, let me know how you get on via the forum or here. 🙂

    Alethea xx


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