Mammogram Take 2

I have had an interesting week this week. I thought I was ready to return to work but I am glad I didn’t. I took my son to school on Monday and as kids do he picked up gastroenteritis so he was sick Tuesday night till 330am! Not much sleep for mummy. Kept him home Wednesday then took him to school Thursday.  Then I had to go get him cause he has diarrhea and the nursery said there’s an epidemic going round.  So I brought him home, and after lunch I felt sick myself. Low and behold by the evening time I was really sick. Possessed kind of sick, the kind you see in horror movies sick. Not pleasant. Felt better after.  Today is Friday and now my husband thinks he’s got it, my son still has the runs and I feel like shit too. So much for the Friday feeling eh!

On the up side though I managed to get my mammogram yesterday in the morning.  The same lady was there so my boobs already knew her. She pulled and stretched them so the flattening machine could get as much boob on the plate as possible and first she did one, then the other and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then she said “we aren’t finished yet, we have to do them sideways too”  Well let me tell you sideways flattening hurts even more. My right boob is more sore due to recent operation so having that flattened did actually make my eyes water.. so I kept saying to myself, I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry..  (sad or what)  she was very sympathetic and said as long as the pain is just this then its a small price to pay. I agreed painfully. lol

After that she said you have to have an ultrasound! Why would I need an ultrasound? I panicked. So I waited around whilst some curly haired chap asked me various questions and went into a dark room with the same man who appears to be the ultrasound man’s assistant.  The ultrasound man said take of your clothes and lie down.. lol really?   I was wearing the kind of top that I could pull off my shoulders thank god so I did not take off my clothes.  He proceeded to grope and squash and grope some more asking me if I have had any op done to my right boob.  Then he got the ultrasound out and run it all over my right armpit, my right boob which tickled (so inappropriate) and I felt really vulnerable. A strange man I have never met before who said was a doctor was having unlimited access to my breasts. He quickly did my right boob and said “well your breasts appear to be clear but I’m concerned about your right armpit”  After two operations so am I, I thought!

Anyway the whole process took about 20mins and apart from my dodgy right armpit looking dodgy cause of two operations he said my breasts are fine! YAY  My husband could have told him that. 🙂  All in all a painful and rather embarrassing experience with great results.

I spoke to my oncologist’s secretary today.  I am now waiting for a phone call to tell me when I start radiotherapy. Guess who’s gonna jump each time the phone rings! lol

Here are the images from my boob scan.. clear boob scan.. yay for my you get to see my boobs too! lol

Left Boob

Right Boob

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