The importance of having fun

When you are diagnosed with cancer of any kind you see life differently.  Perhaps things that used to annoy you before, don’t now and perhaps things that didn’t do. You appreciate you friendships more and make more of an effort to stay in touch, you appreciate your family more because without them and their support you wouldn’t be here and you appreciate life more.

Its important to stay calm, and be as stress free as possible.  You cant fight a battle if you are surrounded by negativity and negative people.  Life is too short anyway, but when you have cancer you don’t quite know for sure how short it could be.  Many live through cancer and have a very long life. Sadly many don’t too.  I often wonder which side of the fence I will fall on.  Am I going to die? Will I live a long life and tell the story of how I beat cancer?  Am I always supposed to be afraid of the sun now? Because I am. Especially when driving and especially in Cyprus. The place where everyone runs to party, get laid and get suntan.  Yes I did say get laid.. as in legovered.. lol I see people all the time now with sunburn from mild to quite severe and I want to ask them if they know what they could potentially be doing to themselves.  A friend of mine said she used baby oil recently. I said I used to use that. Look at me now. She promised she wouldn’t do it again. I hope she doesn’t.   You see until this happens to you, you take many things for granted too, like our skin. We pay little or no care to what we subject it to when we spend hours in the sun just to get a tan and laugh and joke about our silly tan lines and our white bottoms afterwards.  I have to say I dont miss the white bottom but I do miss being sun kissed. Now I feel like I’m being sun bashed. lol  You cant get a skin transplant. Once you get melanoma you cant un-get it!

Recently I have tried to make the most of my time enjoyable. Extra extra cuddles with my son, having a laugh and staying in touch with people I lost touch with.  When you get married and have kids that takes over your life. You don’t realise how much time you spend in your own world till something terrible happens unfortunately and I dont want to be the person who one day says I wish I’d called so n so or I wish I went out that night instead of be lazy in my comfy clothes on the couch!  Although the comfy nights in are good but not on a permanent basis, so get of your arse and get yourself out!

So on Saturday I made myself get ready and glammed up and I went out! And I drank and I danced and I sang karaoke and I laughed so hard on stage I almost wet myself.  My version of She Wolf by Shakira sounded like a she dog with rabies.. never mind saucy wolf lol. Thankfully I quickly redeemed myself with another song. lol For those of you who don’t know me I used to sing in the evenings with a band and or guitarists at various hotels in Paphos! I love music and singing is a great way to lift the heart. But Karaoke is a whole different ball game lol  It was my first girls only night out in ages and we had fab fab time.

I have to say the morning after the night before isn’t as pleasant but it was very much worth it. I made an effort to go out because of my upcoming treatment I will be too knackered from the traveling every day and I have no idea how radiotherapy will effect me so I don’t know when the next opportunity to party is.   Plus I need to focus more on the healthy side of living now as opposed to the liver bashing I did on Saturday lol

I will start my treatment with a clear head, memories of a fab night out, with as little stress as possible and with as much of an I don’t give a shit attitude as possible.

Alethea 🙂

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