1 down 19 to go!

I’m shattered. Its only my first day and I’m shattered. That’s partly my own fault as I didn’t get to bed till near enough midnight last night even though I knew I had to get up at 6:15am this morning! Note to self.. go to bed early tonight. lol

When I got to the pick up point it was really odd. Everyone was looking rather gloomy. But it was early and well we all have or have had cancer recently. Our mini bus driver must be an ex formula 1 driver! I’ve never seen a mini bus go so fast in my life! We set off at 710am. I was the youngest person on the bus. It wasn’t an unpleasant journey apart from the bounciness as I sat right at the back where the wheel was!

We arrived at the Oncology Clinic in Nicosia at around 910am as we had to do a pickup in Limassol first and they delayed us around 20 min.  My session was at 11:10 (I watched eastenders ombnibus on a portable care of hubby’s collegue) and when it was finally my turn the machine I was going to use broke.  A slight delay. I waited till about 11:30 and they squeezed me in another one 🙂

They gave me this massive blue gown thingy to keep and to change into for my top half as you aren’t allowed to wear any clothes where treatment is and explained some details.  The radiotherapy room is a big dark room with a huge machine in it. Off came the top and there I lied whilst they all studied where I had to lie as they have to be precise right down to the last cm! My poor boobs were pulled and pushed and taped to my chin practically so they don’t get zapped. Then they did the whole thing again! Imagine tape being put on and taken of your boobs and nipples more than once by someone else.. cringe worthy!  By 12pm they told me that they couldn’t zap me and had to get my doctor.  So off came the tape again and on went the clothes lol

I had to run upstairs to ask the bus driver to wait for me as they can only wait until 1pm.  Found my doctor in the lift and he wondered why I wasn’t on the table waiting!  So down I went again, off came the top on went the tape after yet more boob squishing by my doctor this time and within 15 mins I was done.  All in all about 4 female nurses and my doctor had their hands on me today and I had for lots of tape go on and off my poor sensitive bits.  So much for modesty eh! They must be so used to it, but I still get so embarrassed and I hate that they don’t really recognize that.

I didn’t feel a thing and I’ve had no side effects. I didn’t get back home till 230 though and from 645 from when I left is quite a long day!

They said tomorrow will run more smoothly and will take less time.  I wont update this every day.. cause it will be the same thing every day! Not really an interesting blog then is it!

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Thanks for reading. Stay positive and keep smiling. 🙂

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