Someone yelled at me today..

I know, big deal..but it was to me. I had just got off the bus and went to get my car. People on the road where the support office is are a bit difficult when it comes to parking and already I was asked to move my car once. So each day I am careful about where I put it, not outside a front gate, not outside a garage or a garden etc etc. However it was outside someones wall and part of a window. My car is low, and did not block the window’s lovely view of the house opposite.   As I approached the car and old man yelled at me through the window and said “Mrs, do you have a house? Do you have a window? Do you like it when people park their car outside your window”?  I was so tired, my blood just boiled and I yelled back saying “Mr, I’ve just got off the bus from treatment for cancer in Nicosia, people have more important things to worry about then your window”. I saw him flinch when I said that. And I got into my car, slammed the door shut and drove off.   I’ve never really asked someone to give me a break over cancer, cause I don’t have it anymore as such, the radiotherapy is seeing to that.  Had he asked me nicely, I’d have apologised and not put it there again but he was so rude to me. I was upset as there are more important things in life like getting on the bloody bus every day so I can have radiotherapy treatment without having someone yell at me about where I park my stupid car.

What is the matter with people? We have all forgotten about real life and real problems.   Every thing you do effects someone else.  For example pulling out on someone and driving slow, could cause them to go slow, get late to work and perhaps get yelled at by their boss or even get fired!  Or you could laugh at someone and say they are stupid, and then they will go home and kill themselves because that was just once too many.   For every action there is  a reaction.   So next time you feel like yelling at someone, think first, because they may be having a really tough time and don’t always think rationally.

There, rant over. 🙂

haha.. now this would work!