Great News

So yesterday it was a long day as we all finished radiotherapy by 1030. However we all go for various things and one of the new girls had to have a special mask made up so in the end we didn’t leave till nearly 1230, by the time I got home and picked up my son I had a sore arse and was shattered.

My armpit scar and drain exit and my back are beginning to look rather red and my right boob is sore. But other than that all is ok.

A rather angry looking armpit..

My right shoulder.. looks like sunburn.. but its not!

I was hassling my Drs secretary as I want to know how i’m to plan my upcoming months.  So she finally called yesterday and told me that I will not be requiring ANY CHEMO! YAY.. no chemo, no hair loss, no infusions.   I don’t know why yet.  But I am due to see the melanoma specialist as I have a few questions to ask about skin care and what not.

So one big fat party to be had at the end of my treatment. And all of you who have been supporting me and been there for me are invited.

Much love and thanks to all of you.

Alethea 🙂

Here are some photos of the people who I share my daily journey with.

Entrance of the BOC oncology clinic

Waiting area with reception

The door I go through when my number appears on the top!

My two new friends

New Friends

On the bus

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zhanna P. Rader
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 15:05:49

    I like your new friends. 🙂 And you are taking your treatment bravely. I am proud of you. 🙂


  2. ibmerrie
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 15:30:30

    keep smearing the aqueous cream on Neil found it the best thing for the soreness . A suggestion for your new friend who has had the face mask made, (stock up with with diflam) , and not just 1 bottle get 4 or 5 and we hope she can stay strong though the mouth ulcers they are so painful and can drive you mad , as soon as she can, ask for Fentanyl patches and make sure the dose is upped to cover the pain then the diflam helps. Also tell her about the aqueous she will need loads.


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