Recurrence & Aggressive

Those are two words you do not want to hear when you are fighting cancer.  Unfortunately today those are the two words I did hear and that are now swimming around in my head.

My doctor said it was fatty tissue that was removed (not a rogue lymph  node), and the pathology once again was positive for malignant metastatic melanoma.

He said that I need to have a chest CT scan to make sure it hasn’t gone anywhere else which I have already arranged for Monday at the General Hospital.  I also had a chest x ray which I will get the results when I see the doctor or when he phones me. This will establish my stage again. Last one was stage 3C

He will discuss my case in further detail with the oncologist and said the most likely treatment as form of prevention that they can give me is a high dose of interferon for one year.  Chemo is only given to stage 4 melanomas that have progressed to the organs. The do not give it to prevent it.

He also said that I may need further surgery should anything appear in the CT to clear out my right armpit a bit further.  I said to my husband they should just remove my armpit and attach my arm to my neck or somewhere else. I might look a bit odd and wave a bit funny too and I probably wouldn’t reach to scratch my back side but that’s why god gave us two hands I guess.  🙂

So a bit of a crap morning for me. I was very upset this time and couldn’t hold it together in his office but was alright again after some deep breaths and he said it was good that I feel good. I said I feel great, I feel the best I’ve had in ages, well I feel fat too but other than that I feel great I said..! Why I told him I feel fat is beyond me.. perhaps they can remove some fatty tissue from my belly, arse and thighs next time..

So now I’m back on the waiting game for results, decisions and more.

On the plus side I am finally going to do my charity singing night to raise money for PASYKAF. (health permitting) An old friend and singing partner Gino who is an excellent guitarist will be assisting me and it will be at the OHM bar in Kato Paphos on Friday the 15th of October. There will be a buffet meal and a raffle and the entry fee is 10 Euros which includes the buffet and raffle prizes.  All proceeds will go to PASYKAF.   I will ad more info later on!

Until then keep praying for me and for those who need you.

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  2. dawn hosick
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 16:13:01

    thinking of you honey we are here to support you x x x x


  3. Yvette
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 16:50:30


    Really sorry to hear that your news was negative again… hang in there love. At least they have found it and are actively treating you, it’s something positive to hang on to, plus all the support from the TONS of friends, family and strangers… I know you will be ok babes xxx


  4. Margaret
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 20:55:18

    Hi sorry you have all this crap,but i know what your going through my husband has the same as you started with a mole on his chest then a lump came on the same side and was told it is malignant melanoma ,it is a worry his not had to have his nodes taken out but he had RT on the arm pit he is being checked every 6 mths,but i have had mine out as i am getting over breast cancer had chemo (lost all me hair) and RT its coming up 2 years the arm has heeled very well but i to still have some numbness.we always say cancer live with us we dont live with take xx


  5. Hatty
    Sep 22, 2010 @ 22:55:55

    Hi – I’m so sorry to hear this news. Just want to let you know I will pray for you. Hatty x


  6. Kris
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 03:25:20

    Love ya babes


    Kris & Ann


  7. Carrie
    Sep 23, 2010 @ 17:17:49

    You are in my thoughts and prayers…


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