Lest we forget how fragile we are

Life is short.

A dear friend of the family past away yesterday. An old man who had lived a long life.  A great friend to my parents. He was supportive throughout my illness, offered assistance during my charity event and gave donations for the raffle. I never got around to calling to say thanks. My mum did, and my husband did but I never got round to it. I kept seeing him on the road and kept saying to myself I must give him a call to say thanks.

Now I wont get that opportunity. Life is short. You can see your best friend on Monday, and by Tuesday life can change dramatically. And that does really happen. You could be celebrating life one minute and the next you are mourning someones life instead.

Dont waste time, say thank you, say I love you, remember to be grateful even if what you have isnt everything you’ve ever wanted, at least you are alive and you have your whole life ahead of you. Make sure you spend yours being grateful and happy. Things could always be a lot worse.

I hope I live till I’m anciently old and I can look back and say WOW that was quite a journey.

Rest in peace dear Edwin.  A man who always had to have the last word, always created our arguments and always had a heart of gold. The world wont be the same without you.. thank you.

Skin cancer

Sunbeds cause skin cancer. So many suffer from melanoma because of sunbathing and sunbed usage all over the world. Take a look at http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/Sunbedban the facebook page for sunbedban.com or http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Fight-the-Beast-Melanoma/341107399492 Fight the beast facebook page or http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Moms-With-Melanoma/324615287615 moms with melanoma facebook page. The list of forums and support forums are endless.  You can also join a great support group called melanomamates on facebook too by request. I have found them great and always have something positive to say when I am feeling down.

Since I got the all clear I am happily going on my merry way but every now and again when I feel a bit off, or I am dizzy and over tired I wonder if its because I’ve overdone it, or is if its cause my melanoma is back. Its hard not to think that and wonder if you are going to die. You see melanoma can be living in your body quietly without you knowing it and you go to the docs and you are given news you’d never thought you’d hear.

Its hard to remain optimistic, you who suffers from it, you who are in remission, you who are supporting a loved one with it. Everyone affected by cancer one way or another the last thing you want to do is smile and go along your merry way. 

Its so important that you try to anyway.  So each day I choose to be happy instead of sad, I choose to believe that I will live a long time and have more children and that my headache and dizziness is just cause I’m running around like an idiot after my young son lol.  I am grateful and lucky. I drown out that silly little voice inside my head called doubt..(ok so I hear voices in my head haha but you know what I mean).

So avoid sun beds, wear sunscreen, protect yourselves and your children.  Melanoma is not picky, it will take anyone, no matter what the age and rarely shows mercy.  But you can help prevent it by being careful.

My armpit has fully recovered now.  The skin underneath is scarred not lumpy just multicoloured and brown mainly.. like a very bad tan with white bits.. I try not to wave with it too much haha, still no feeling there but who wants to feel their armpit anyway.

If I was more careful perhaps this would not have happened to me. Think long and hard before you book a tanning session and before you lie and fry in the sun in Cyprus or anywhere else for that matter.  Make the right choice.

Here are some inspiring blogs:





My hairless sweatless armpit!

I sang for life

So last Friday as you know I organised an event to raise money for PASYKAF (Association of cancer patients support and friends).

Lots of people came which was great to see all the support and all the raffle tickets sold out too. The Ohm bar was great and Georgia cooked the food brilliantly.

I raised 1,289 Euros net profits all of which has gone to PASYKAF. 

Thank you to those who donated, supported me and continue to support me.  It was great to see so many friends and family as well as other members of PASYKAF there.

Kicked its a#@e again!

So I am happy as happy can be as you can imagine.  Sitting in the waiting area listening to Creed of all things at 8am and reading a horror story book by Martina Cole is not the best way to relax but I have to say it kept the noise out.  My left armpit seems to be over compensating now my right armpit doesnt sweat and sweats for both of them.. not nice. But I was nervous.  So the doctor called me in and she said “Alethea, you can go home you are fine, the CT was clear which means you do not need treatment”  She also said I may have recurrence again in the same place and that they would treat it with special kind of radiotherapy next time if it does and that she will see me again in December for follow up.

I just wanted to whoop whoop all the way out the hospital but I think they would have locked me up in the crazy ward so I wated till I got in the car. And then I was yes yessing and whoop whooping and yihaing and everything. I’ve been acting silly all day. I’m knackered now lol I also got the all clear from my down there doctor. Enough said on that. 🙂

So I’ve had a busy week organising the event for tonight which I am really excited about. Looks like a great turn out and all for a great cause.

So everyone thank you again for reading and a big hug to all of you for your support..keep fighting. Remeber, healthy, whole and complete is the mantra you must say to yourself at least once day.


A sigh of relief

So I got my results today.  They had all finished for the day and were all sat in the room and I received my results and got given the all clear. So thats a clear brain (dont comment on that please ha), a clear neck, clear chest (from last time), clear abdomen and pelvis. I was so happy and I was with my son I must have kissed him so many times on the way back to the car trying really hard not to cry from happiness.

So all that I need to do now is see the oncologists on Friday morning, and get my results from the down there doctor.. lol

Yay for clear CT’s and yay for no melanoma. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.. they worked.


My event has been made official

Hi all

My event has been made official and tickets will be available for purchase tomorrow at the PASYKAF offices in Paphos.

I am very excited and I hope we raise lots of money.  🙂

CT scans suck

CT scanning machine

Well I arrived late at the hospital again yesterday because I forgot my doctor’s note at home. I got my bottle of gross water and proceeded to the cafe to drink it. It was awful. We’ve all had to do it, but I don’t know if other countries flavour is as bad as mine? What does yours taste of? A whole litre of aniseed powdery water. Two glasses straight away then one every fifteen minutes. It’s meant to go in via the mouth so it will light up your intestine. I have to say I really struggled. I was gagging all over the place which in turn made me feel really ill.
There were a few others waiting there. This lady told me how her son in law died six months ago from melanoma. Said it all started a year ago by a mole from his back and after they removed it and he had a bone scan and he got told he was ok, he never went back to the doctor. He then got metastasis in his armpit, a very very large lump and after that he just gave up the fight. Said he still went in the sun wasn’t careful and that was that. Sad story.
I didn’t go in to scanning room till about 1130. After the warm pissy feeling was over I was done and someone came in and said, we need to give you an ultra sound. I crapped myself. So did my mum and sister. So off I went to this dark room again with the same doctor who had done my boobs a few months ago and he gave me a neck scan. I watched as he went over something which to me looked scary and I thought that was it. I was done for. But he finished and said all is clear. What a sigh of relief. No sooner had I got off the table then when he got me back on it to check my womb. He said my cervix looks enlarged and that I need to go and see the lady bits doctor. Great I thought. More invasive tests I can’t wait.
So I walked out of the room and my mum, sister and that lady where waiting for me holding their breath. I said ALL CLEAR.. my poor mum must have aged 10 years whilst I was in that ultra sound room. The was a huge waiting list outside you see and the doctor told them all to wait cause he had to check me.
I didn’t leave till 12:20! A long day at a hospital that made me feel drained and rough.
I came home and waited with anticipation to go and see my gynecologist.. NOT. He did my c-section though so I figured he’s seen it all before but no matter how many times you go it really doesn’t get any easier and unless you are a woman you can’t possibly understand how awful it is. The good news is that he said that all appears to be normal but I won’t get my results till Friday next week.
So as far as everyone is concerned I appear to be normal. haha (if only they knew) Official results for CT on Monday and other test Friday.
Today I have a stupid cold and slight chest infection. I feel hung-over even though I had nothing to drink. It’s the weekend though so that good. Going out with my husband tonight to cheer myself up.
I miss having a job even though with everything that is going on and all the tests I’ve needed I would have been away a lot, its hard trying to find a job in my current situation and I feel very upset that I got fired whilst they all knew I have malignant melanoma to deal with too. But at least I can hold my head high. Ihave applied for a few jobs and still waiting to hear about the other one I went for a few weeks ago as position doesnt open for a while so fingers crossed for that.

I hope you are all having a nice weekend. 🙂

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