Skin cancer

Sunbeds cause skin cancer. So many suffer from melanoma because of sunbathing and sunbed usage all over the world. Take a look at!/Sunbedban the facebook page for or!/pages/Fight-the-Beast-Melanoma/341107399492 Fight the beast facebook page or!/pages/Moms-With-Melanoma/324615287615 moms with melanoma facebook page. The list of forums and support forums are endless.  You can also join a great support group called melanomamates on facebook too by request. I have found them great and always have something positive to say when I am feeling down.

Since I got the all clear I am happily going on my merry way but every now and again when I feel a bit off, or I am dizzy and over tired I wonder if its because I’ve overdone it, or is if its cause my melanoma is back. Its hard not to think that and wonder if you are going to die. You see melanoma can be living in your body quietly without you knowing it and you go to the docs and you are given news you’d never thought you’d hear.

Its hard to remain optimistic, you who suffers from it, you who are in remission, you who are supporting a loved one with it. Everyone affected by cancer one way or another the last thing you want to do is smile and go along your merry way. 

Its so important that you try to anyway.  So each day I choose to be happy instead of sad, I choose to believe that I will live a long time and have more children and that my headache and dizziness is just cause I’m running around like an idiot after my young son lol.  I am grateful and lucky. I drown out that silly little voice inside my head called doubt..(ok so I hear voices in my head haha but you know what I mean).

So avoid sun beds, wear sunscreen, protect yourselves and your children.  Melanoma is not picky, it will take anyone, no matter what the age and rarely shows mercy.  But you can help prevent it by being careful.

My armpit has fully recovered now.  The skin underneath is scarred not lumpy just multicoloured and brown mainly.. like a very bad tan with white bits.. I try not to wave with it too much haha, still no feeling there but who wants to feel their armpit anyway.

If I was more careful perhaps this would not have happened to me. Think long and hard before you book a tanning session and before you lie and fry in the sun in Cyprus or anywhere else for that matter.  Make the right choice.

Here are some inspiring blogs:

My hairless sweatless armpit!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marsha
    Oct 27, 2010 @ 10:21:26

    Morning Alethea,

    Here’s another blog that’s more than worthy of a read.

    It kind of puts into perspective what we are going through.

    Marsha x


  2. Zhanna P. Rader
    Oct 28, 2010 @ 06:55:29

    Hi, Alethea. Enjoy your life. 🙂 I feel so good for you that you are clear of… “that”. Your armpit looks O.K. finally. Indeed, it is such a relief knowing that you are doing as good as possible after that scary ordeal. Please hug gently your little son for me. 🙂 Stay well.


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