Just an infection

So it turns out its probably just an infection.  I’m on super strong antibiotics though which should do the trick!

I went for another interview today. I find it’s like going on a first date. You are always on perfect behaviour, using your best manners and hope you make a great first impression.  You hope your new date doesn’t know any of  your exes and if they do, they said good things about you and you hope at the end of it you may even get that amazing first kiss only at the end of the interview you hope you get the job instead! Then a relationship is formed where slowly you become an item, a team and get to the first fart stage.. by then you are pretty much settled.

The thing about Paphos is, is that it’s a very small place.  I did my charity event and then they wrote about me in a magazine so lots of people know I have had melanoma. In a way that’s great cause i’m helping to spread awareness about it and show people that there is life and normality after cancer. However some may think that I might be a liability if they were to hire me.  What if I get sick again! Scary thought really, your past is your past but it’s always lurking just around the corner to bite your arse when you least want it to.

But I still want to write about my story, and hopefully people who know will overlook my past and see what a bright future I have ahead of me and what an asset I would be to any company. So fingers crossed I’ll have a job soon otherwise I’ll have to go busking to make money at this rate to pay my mortgage. 

If I didn’t get melanoma, I probably would not have lost my job.. and if I hadn’t have had melanoma, I’d probably be able to get a job easier.  But the worst of my worries are over, I may not have a job, but I don’t have melanoma either.  Here’s hoping that one of those stays the same and the other one changes soon.  But either way it’s not up to me.  I can’t make someone hire me anymore than I can make my melanoma stay away.   Although saying that I have a healthier lifestyle now so every little helps.

Hope all you are well.

Is it out to get me?

Hey all

Its been a while since I posted.

I’ve been feeling really low recently, nothing seems to make me smile on the inside. Sure I put on this big brave smile and show the world I’m brave but no one can really know what goes on inside someone who has been through this. My brain doctor said its natural after everything I’ve been through. So at least I know I’m not going mad..ha

As much as I remain positive and say to myself I’m fine, I regularly check myself as I know how sneaky melanoma is.  So today I went for an ultra sound scan as I’ve had a niggling pain in my right side.  The chap told me he has found a small circular shadow near my scar in my right boob.

It hasnt really bothered me all day till now. Kinda like a bad cold. Its always worse at night. 

So I’m off to see the surgeons tomorrow so they can have a proper feel and tell me its nothing. Its scar tissue.  If its not I just hope its near enough to the surface so they can chop it out again.

I so hope its nothing. And it really isn’t out to get me. I’ll spend the rest of my life fighting it, but I dont want to spend the rest of my life fighting. I want to live, love and be happy.

So back to the fingers crossed again..

They wrote about me in a local magazine

Hi there all.

Just thought i’d update you. All is well in my world apart from the achey armpit which could be due to the weather getting cooler and the fact that I am still trying to find a job. If you hear anyone is hiring, please let me know!! 🙂

Here is the article which is copyright of The Cypress Grapevine.  I hope you are all well and fighting strong.