Follow up visit

So I went to see my surgeon again yesterday. After another feel around he was pleased to say that whavetever he felt the week before wasnt there anymore. lol  Yay for lump free boobs. Next check up next week. Plus I’ve got a follow up with my oncologist in two weeks.

My attitude has changed since I got cancer. I seem to have a different attitude and I look at the world differently too. Some days I think wow it’s a wonderful world we live in, and then I think, what the hell has happened to the world.  But its not the world. Its people. People have gone mad.  I just find that some people couldn’t care less about anything but themselves. They have no compassion and if you don’t see the world through their eyes they think you are the crazy one or the self obsessed one. You have a bad day? They don’t wanna hear about it! Your son has said his first word? They don’t care and you are most probably annoying them with your little chit chat.  People without kids cannot relate to people with kids. It’s a shame really as many friendships are lost from the transition of single girls night out, to being married with kids.  People look at you differently just because you are married with kids.  I don’t get it? Such is life you say, deal with it. Get over it. blah blah  That annoys me. Life isn’t about being friends with someone for just a week or month. If you say you are someone’s best mate, you stay someone’s best mate for life.  True friendships last forever. Or at least they should. Why is it different when they have a problem to share?

People just couldn’t care less.   When I was lying in hospital after surgery with cancer, and my so called “friends” didn’t bother to call, text or even visit I really struggled.  I didn’t then go tell anyone in case it offended them. I was the one in hospital with cancer and I was the one worried about offending someone. Had I lost my mind?  Clearly.   People looked at me differently again. But I wasn’t different. I am not different. I am a cancer survivor but I am still Alethea. The mad one who likes to party and drink and dance the night away just like I did when I was young free and single. I am STILL ME. 

Some people have no idea how hard life is for the person they are judging, their neighbour, friend, classmate or someone who’s just walked by. Just because you think their problems are small that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to them, be there for them.

Wake up and be nice. Its free to be nice, free to be supportive.  You are the one with the issues, not the one asking for help.

Rant over.. 🙂

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  1. Zhanna P. Rader
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 13:14:49

    Alethea, I am just happy that you are free of cancer. 🙂 That is the main thing.
    And now you also know who your loyal friends are. Enjoy your life. 🙂


  2. BB
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 16:29:13

    Dear Mrs Ayers,
    Thats very reassuring news for you and hope all your check ups since have been as positive. Dont feel bad for rambling on as its best to get concerns and gripes off your chest and vent, then move on and feel better and lighter.
    take care and hope things on the work front open up too.


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