Life after cancer

Christmas has come and gone and the new year is here at last! Happy New Year!

The lead up to Christmas for me was very exciting. I was so happy as last year was so bad for me I was worried I may not be here for Christmas. I know many people have it worse than me but when you are given a diagnosis like cancer you think you are going to die.. No one really associates cancer with long life even though many do live long after cancer.  So it was a very emotional time for me as I was so grateful to have made it. Not necessarily in one piece but who cares, I made it 🙂

Life since I got the all clear has been weird. I’ve been so tired so my body must have been needing the rest, but depression has set in as losing my job was the final strike.  Some days getting the energy together to even smile is hard.  But I fight it and get on with it.

I’ve been having headaches and dizziness a lot recently which has made me paranoid. It’s probably all the rich food and glasses of wine but I am going to get a head x-ray soon just to be sure.  Why wait and see. I’m not a wait and see kinda girl really. I’m a go out and get it sorted kinda girl.

Last appointment went well with the oncologist, they are pleased with me and I am booked in for a routine full body scan in February. More aniseed water, I can’t wait.. not. lol 

I don’t have much feeling yet at the back of my right arm so anytime my hubby touches it I cringe. It’s a strange feeling I can’t describe it.  My right boob and scar area is still very sore especially when my son jumps on me and lands there. Not sure he understands why I scream bless him.  My right boob is perkier than the other one. Think the scar tissue in it has made it bigger.. I’m now known as one hang low. haha  I guess when they sewed me back up they gave my right boob a lift too.. bonus.. ha

2010 will be a good year.  Lots of all clears, a holiday or two with my husband and son and happy moments lie ahead. 

I wish you all well. May a cure for melanoma finally be found.