Not left yet

Hi all

You must all be wondering why I am still in Cyprus.

Well I’ve been really poorly for three days.  I have an over active stomach at the moment.  I’m brave but my stomach tells me otherwise ha.   I was booked in for my CT scan this morning and it took every bit of energy I had to get dressed and get down there this morning at 8am!

Still I did it and now I need those results to take to Germany with me. I hope they are clear.  I also needed to have my Thyroid tested too which I got the results off.

My oncologist also needs to get my report ready.  So it’s not as simple as, I’ll just hope on the next flight to Bamberg I’m afraid as preparation is required.   Plus trying to get a flight to that place is like trying to get to Far Far away in Shrek!  Are we there yet?

I am doing well. I am winning. They have not overtaken my mental capabilities and I am actually quite normal. A bit snappy my husband might say… growling and grumbling but considering I wake up knowing that I am dying every day I’m quite pleasant to be around.   I may as well you know get on with it right!

So, once I have all paperwork in hand I’ll be off.  Here’s hoping for a nice clear neck, abdomen, pelvis and groin results tomorrow.  10 tumours I think is more than enough for quite a few lifetimes don’t you agree!

Much love to you all and thank you so many for your donations already.  I will be at the events in thought and if you have a laptop or some kind of internet connection I’ll skype you from Germany…

Ja ja.. ich bin on my way.. 🙂