6 down 14 to go!

Hi all.

So not long till I can come home already.

Side effects from the cortisone have well and truly kicked in.  My knee muscles gave up on me last night and I couldn’t walk. The pain was unbearable and poor Adam had to help me off the bed and on to the loo. Good husband material for sure.

I am mostly knackered with a side order of exhausted but when I can we get the bus in to town so I can stretch my legs (well up until yesterday) and get some fresh air and see some sites. We don’t get very far but we try.

I saw the doctor today. He is so nice and concerned about my knees had a good feel of them today and I have decreased my cortisone which is super fab. I am now down to 4mg twice daily instead of 8 then down to 2 on Friday and then one twice daily after! YAY that means puffiness will ease up, pain, swelling, water retention.  Cortisone is super bad for the body.

He said I’m being zapped in all the right places but I will not see the results till 4 to 6 weeks after treatment where I will require an MRI in Cyprus which will show the dead metastasis in my brain.  He gave me some funky head pictures that show all my tumours to see on paper so not sure if I can take a photo and add them on here.

So all in all everything is going well.  The chemo tablets have not affected me. Anti emetics are working so I can still eat (yay).

I remain positive with lots of swearing on bad days which I allow myself to hate the universe and be pissed off.  Confucius say it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!  🙂

So that’s my recent news.  Treatment is working and I will know results after I get home.  Should be able to look for flights nearer the end as sometimes there are glitches with the machine and I may miss a day.  But can hopefully come home in about 19 or 20 days. Plenty of time to celebrate my son’s birthday! YAY for me and everyone.

Much love to all for all your fundraising, concerts and parties and so much more you have done.

Alethea x

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  1. Rod
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 18:46:36

    Alethea, such great news wish you all the success and hope you get home soon xx


  2. Lesley & kev
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 20:25:08

    Iwas having my blood done at anti cancer and spoke to the nurse and she asked to be remembered to you as you spent time together in radiotherapy, I believe she is Dutch, a wonderful lady! and we are so glad of your good news!


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  4. Pam
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 00:07:39

    Hey Alethea

    Glad to hear you’re making good progress.

    Have you heard about the Paleo lifestyle? I wonder if it might help you move from recovery to thriving with a capital TH.

    I have a friend in the UK who absolutely believes it saved her life. She had pancreatic cancer and her doctors were only talking palliative care. She took control of her own world – became a Paleo student and ten years later – she’s not only completely free of cancer and vibrantly healthy but she just held her first grandson in her arms.

    She never thought she’d see her son grow up, never mind get married and have a son of his own.

    The Paleo lifestyle may not seem ‘your thing’ – but try to read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf before you decide a definite yeah or neah. You can buy it instantly from Amazon as an ebook.

    After a recent conversation with my friend – I read the book and it makes enough sense to me to try it – despite being a vegetarian for over 21 years.

    A really good outcome for you and your family is in my thoughts often.



  5. Jo King
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 02:38:44

    Keep going Alethea, we are all rooting for you, wish we could take the pain away xxx


  6. Louise van Rooij
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 08:37:57

    Hi Alethea, that is wonderful news. Keep on fighting girl, pissed off or not as long as you keep fighting you will get there.
    Lots of Love


  7. Zhanna P. Rader
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 11:50:21

    Alethea, you made me laugh aloud with what Confucius said. 🙂 It seems that you are doing not so bad, in spite of all the pains and discomfort. I always think of you. True, the treatment is slow, but at least it is sure. Eventually, bad days will be replaced with much better ones. All the best to you and your husband – and to your son, too, of course.

    Gentle hugs,


  8. Pamela
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 12:33:08


    I dont know you but I was told about you from a friend who spoke nicely about you. I find you very very brave , I am amazed with your will power , there are no words to describe the way your are facing your problem, keep up and be positive great girl………



  9. Natalie
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 14:04:23

    Thats fab. The Angels at work, they amaze me and yes it is Ok to be pissed off, you have every right. Better to let it out than keep it within.

    love and angel blessings



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