Love the skin you’re in

Next time you are lying in the sun
Be careful of the damage that cannot be undone
You only have one skin,
It cannot be replaced, and it’s only very thin

I remember lying in the sun for hours
Always topping up my a tan
Sometimes needing cold showers
Cause my skin was fried as if in a pan

I didn’t know what I was doing
Back in those teenage years
Wanted to look beautiful, had no cares no fears

Sun beds are no better, they are even worse
They can kill you so darn fast
Cause that’s science not nature at its worse

Skin cancer is deadly, the worst of any kind
It can reach your vital organs,
Your lungs, your brain combined

The sun it isn’t bad for you, but you must protect your skin
Don’t make the same mistakes I did
And love the skin you’re in.

Chest pains with a side order of panic attacks

So last night I had really bad chest pains and difficulty breathing which then resulted in a big fat panick attack. One of the good things about this hotel, is that its more a patient hotel rather than a holiday hotel, so the receptionists etc are also nurses.   So Adam whent and fetched one and she said I had to go to A&E.  So off she rolled me in a wheel chair and they gave me a an ecg, blood tests and blood pressure checking, the usual stuff really and said it’s quite possibly the cortisone. DAMN that stupid fing cortisone.  Its given me nothing but hassle.  I’m down to  two mgs a day and it’s still effecting me.   Bad stuff that.

So today I have to have another ecg and see what the blood tests say when I see my doctor.   I feel very rough today, hard to move around it’s as if someone has sucked out all my air and energy and left wobbly leftovers.   arghhh 

Getting zapped at 12 and its my 11th time! I’ve passed the half way mark.   All being well, I am booked to go home on the 14th of March! YIPEEEEEE