Chemo sucks

So I started my chemotherapy tablets on Tuesday, then went off to Physio.  As i’ve taken them before I thought nothing of it really as I’ve had no problems.   But this time as they are a higher dose they did not agree with me and there I was sitting at the physio place feeling ok one minute I was throwing up the next.  4 times in his office.  Managed to get some physio done though thankfully.  
Mum came to pick me up then we held up the traffic at traffic lights of all places as I was hanging out the car being sick again.  Trust me.  Made it home and sat in front of the tv with a bucket for the rest of the day.     What a rotten day that was.  But its probably cause I had a sausage sarnie with ketchup for breakfast.

Yesterday I waited and ate a cup of chicken soup and some plain dried Cypriot roll buisquit things.  But an hour or two later the same thing happened. Only this time I was only sick 3 times and I was ok. 

Last night I was able to eat well though so it only appears to affect me in the morning! 

I’m off to ROCK FM this morning to do an interview.  I’m not eating till after I’ve finished so I’m hoping that will stop me from being sick. At least for as long as I’m there..  You can listen online if you like  by clicking on this link at 11am CY time.

I come off them on Saturday for three weeks, then on them for a week and so on for a while.. so guess what I’ll be doing next week!  EATING.. yay lol


So been back in Cyprus a week and what have I been up to? Not a lot! lol

Have been spending lots of time with family as my brother is over till Monday.   Lots of family time and parents, or at our house.  Christian had party at school with his classmates and they took some lovely photos and made a booklet for us to keep for his birthday and then we went to a lovely restaurant in Paphos where I took a cake and we celebrated his and my dads birthday although the cake said 2 on it on Saturday. 🙂

After my headache scare and now being back on my corts I’m back to normal again. Thank god.  And I went to see the doctor on Friday and I am to start my chemo tablets next week I think. Also physiotherapy for my legs.   I can’t believe how weaker they are in comparison to before I left.  I can’t carry my son up and down our house stairs anymore Its impossible but he is much heavier lol. The other day he slipped and wanted me to carry him down the stairs so instead I sat down next to him and we came down them on our bum together.. haha

So all in all I am feeling good taking things easy but also trying to get out every day to walk.  Now that I feel better I am itching for a night out.  Wanted to have it on Friday but that was too soon out of the clinic.  Not sure If I will wait for my new MRI results or not that way I’ll have something to officially celebrate I hope.   Either way my I cant wait to go sing at my local karaoke bar.. and my legs really fancy a boogie..  from the knee up haha

Hope you are all well.

Cortisone is my friend..

…..I found out the hard way.

Monday night I woke up at 2am with a headache. Not the kind that you take two Panadol and go back to sleep.  Although I did take two Panadol ha.  But the pain was bad. I did manage to get back to sleep but when I woke up in the morning I was in a state. I couldn’t even get my son dressed for school. So along came my mum as usual bless her. 

By 10 am I was getting worse and worse and I was sick.  Then mum popped by after and we called the doctor and he said I am not to stop with my cortisone yet its too soon as my brain is swollen from radiotherapy. Suggested I take some cortisone.  Then I got even worse and was unable to sit up or eat or drink so I could take my tablets.  Cant explain the pain but its like the worst migraine you have ever had x10 all over your head and eyes.   So we called the doctor again and he said I had to be admitted to the clinic.

Once there I was given a cortisone by drip but the headaches were frequent and long-lasting and I was sick again and again. Eventually I fell asleep from exhaustion and when I woke up at about 430ish I finally felt better.     

What an awful day. I think its the worse day since my diagnosis. My headaches would stop when I was sick before but this time they didnt.  A migraine from 2am till 3pm the next day is enough to send someone mad I cortisone may be bad for my body but its great for my head..

Good news is they allowed me home this morning so I am once again home.

I’ve decided to put my night out on hold till my birthday next month.   

I’ve still got to have 4 courses of chemo tablets starting next week. One week on 3 weeks off and more MRI’s of my brain. 

So that’s all for now.   Back on my cortisone tablets as although they are quite bad for you, they are clearly also good for you.. well in my case anyway.. hurrah for pain free days.  🙂

Home sweet home

There really is no place like home.  When you are happy, or sad, whatever state of mind home is where I always feel best. 

Arriving at the airport seeing my mum and dad was simply fab. Was nice to hear people speaking a language I could understand too!  When we got home I waited for my sister to pick up my son and come round.   It felt like a century.  lol  Christian ran straight to me and I had the nicest cuddles ever.  So snuggly.  I can’t believe how much he has grown and all the new words he has learned.  My family did a fine job looking after him.  

We have all settled back into our routine nicely and Christian bless him is clingy if wego to nanas he cuddles either his dad or me tight when its time to leavce leave to make surere we don’t leave him there . Bless him.

Health wise I feel great.  Tiredness is going, but my knees are weak but I plan to keep active so they don’t get lazy!   Hoping to see my oncologist next week to see what’s next. 

I’m just so happy to be home.  Hoping to have a night out soon to catch up with you all.  Nothing crazy..

Thank you to the Paphos community, friends, strangers, neighbours, websites, businesses and so many people for all your help in getting us to Germany and back again.  See you soon!

Feeling good 19 down 1 to go!

So tomorrow is my last treatment. 

My knees are still weak and don’t hold me up like they used to. Think its my expanding belly and arse. haha oh well.  Got my files back from the doctors now we have to wait here until all payments arrive from Cyprus and then we can move to a less expensive hotel and fly back on the 14th! How awesome is THAT.  I reckon I wont make it through the doors before I’m blubbering everywhere when I see my parents and son.  Then again since I got sick adverts and songs make me blubber all the time. Its like I’m pregnant all over again.. haha

Here are some images from the last MRI.  Couldnt find all the tumours but you can see Charlie. He’s the biggest.  Wont know for another 4 to 6 weeks what he is up to.  But as I am improving mentally and physically he must be dying from the inside out. The tumours all have white around them which is the swelling or bruising. In case u miss them.  All on the left.

Almost done!

So, two more treatments to go and I am finished! Yipeeeeee

I finally took the plunge and shaved my head on Wednesday. It feels much better and I am not upset about it anymore. The hair falling out is more traumatic than anything else. Now I have a velcro head ha It feels strange to the touch but doesn’t look too bad! 🙂

The doctor said I am to have 3 MRI’s when I return to Cyprus of my brain to monitor the results of the treatment and 4 courses of chemo tablets too. But they haven’t bothered me at all. Apart from tiredness, hair loss, and the occasional loss of mobility my side effects have been few and I’m so lucky for that.

So once my treatment is finished officially.. we can check out of this hotel into something much cheaper and fly home on the 14th. Whoop whoop! I get to celebrate my sons 2nd birthday with him! I can hardly wait to see him.

Thank you to all of you who have raised funds for my family and made my treatment possible. You are all amazing kind and generous and have touched my heart. Thank you to my family for looking after my son all this time and of course my darling husband for all the things you have done for me too.