Life is too short

My sister, me and friend

I’m upset cause a fellow melanoma fighter lost his fight with melanoma.  He fought hard and was a true inspiration.  I didn’t know him personally but its still hard to hear news like that.

Life is too short.  Skin cancer is a terrible terrible disease so please those of you who sunbathe be careful and avoid the sunbeds.  Its not always sun related either so check your body regularly for any changes in moles. Its VERY important.  Life or death important.

I have lots of supplements now, turns out I have super low iron so I have to take Foliron and Folic acid, B12 injections 3 times a week, B6 complex, fish oils, er stomach tablets and not forgetting my cortisones. haha I’m a walking chemist.   I’ve had to stop training due to feeling so weak and tired but once the new supplements kick in I can start training again.

In the meantime its couch potato and the ocassional walk with my mum down the harbour to keep the cobwebs away lol

Hope you are well..

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  1. Stephen Hayes
    May 04, 2011 @ 20:29:54

    I’m so sorry.

    right now I am doing my emails and the course I am running to teach GPs early diagnosis of melanoma is getting lost of enquiries and looks as if we will get 40 GPs to come along. I solemnly affirm that I will do all I can in my professional life to promote early detection of this vile cancer.

    stay strong.


  2. Zhanna P. Rader
    May 05, 2011 @ 07:08:57

    Alethea, it’s a good thing that there are all those types of medicine that can help your body to be more stable while it fights the evil disease. I know that you will win. 🙂
    Athens, Georgia, USA


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