3 down 6 to go

So I got my results today.  Not much has changed yet as treatment takes a while to kick in however I only have SIX tumours now as opposed to 9. YAY 

Charlie is still 2.4cms big and the brain swelling is still quite visible around it so I have to continue with cortisone for a while longer.  The doctor said I must increase my chemo tablet dosage. 

So its good news as 3 tumours are gone and I will see more progress in another month when I have my next MRI after my next chemo tablet course and the radiotherapy does its work. It’s still early days!

It would have been super great had I got they are all gone news today but one has to look at the glass as half full and not half empty.  

Guess I’ll be bald for a while longer then!  But I’m nearly halfway there.  🙂

9 tumors not 10!


So the doctor today told me I only have 9 brain tumours.  That has pleased me lots. Silly really. But its better than 10. This was discovered from the recent CT and MRI scan I had last week.  Fab result.

They are still doing the brain mapping so treatment will not start till Thursday probably the Dr said.   Tomotherapy treatment which is not available in Cyprus is a CT scan machine which will give HIGH dosages of radiotherapy direct to the tumours and kill them as well as any other affected area of metastasis.

I start my chemo tablets the same day I start my radiotherapy too.  I take cortisone tablets still which make me eat like a horse. ALL day. The weight is piling on but I can’t stop eating and its annoying.  Most days I cope but there are days when I feel my body weighs a ton and I cannot move. I’m like a rocking back and forth mess and I last night I didn’t sleep well at all and was awake from 6 am going nuts with worry.  I hate days like that.   But once I manage to pull myself together and eat I am ok.  Food appears to be my best friend at the moment.   Poor Adam gets to deal with a real cow bag sometimes. Snappy as hell one minute and go away leave me alone the next. 

We have been out into Bamberg a few times, fresh air and walks are good for me doctor said cause the cortisone is affecting my joints so now I have a faithful crutch to take everywhere too. I’m a regular pensioner in a 35-year-old body. ha     Bus journey is short and cheap too.   Its very beautiful here.  

I miss my son terribly.  I wish I had brought a teddy of his or top or something so I could snuggle up to at night. I just wanna smother him and cuddle him and kiss him. Skype helps with that a little but doesn’t help the cuddle cravings.

We have found a few supermarkets so we can stock up our little fridge to keep my batteries going throughout the day which helps keep food costs down.  Amazing how much you need when you don’t have a cooker or any facilities to use.  But they do have hot water on tap here so thats somet.

They don’t have tea. Normal tea. They have all the tea you can think of, flavoured, vitamined, minted, sugared, green, bright orange but no normal tea. And sometimes I nice cup of tea makes it all better.  And their toilet paper is SAND paper. I kid you not. NO JOKE its like cheese greater paper. haha And it’s everywhere, even in restaurants.  Hard asses here I swear. haha   So much for my sweethoneybums (those of u know that nickname for me that is).

Still. Everyone is nice.  My german that I did in school years ago stuck with me and I am so pleased cause I can order delivery and I can ask for stuff and communicate basic with everyone.  Not just a pretty face me. ha

Well here are some photos of the clinic.  The hotel is stuck to the left of it, its only one floor though. I single floor hotel. lol



Hotel just on left of clinic


CT Results

Hi all

Just a quick note to say that my CT results of my body are fully clear. No more tumours.

So 10 down and ten to go.

I am so relieved. Silly as I feel lucky. Thank god and all of you for your prayers that worked.


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