Thank you

Just a quick note to thank you all for your inspirational commnets and for willing me through this difficult journey. You make me want to be stronger.

I hope you and your families who may be fighting the same thing remain strong too.

Alethea x

Dont drink and chemo

It was my birthday on the 22nd so I decided it was a good idea to go out and have some fun with my friends and husband.  It was a good night and I allowed myself a few vodka’s and coke.  I didnt get drunk and did quite a bit of dancing too!  And I was the last one standing everyone else went home to bed.. ha

Felt ok Saturday and Sunday but come Monday I was overcome with exhaution and could not get out of bed. Lucky it was bank holiday and hubby looked after Christian for me. Tuesday was the same I slept till 6pm! Most of the week continued with me sleeping.

I went to the doctors yesterday for a blood test, he said I may need a transfusion if low and has prescribed injections 3 times weekly which a nurse will come to. Vitamin supplements to help my nervous system.

Drinking did not help matters especially spirits so I wont be doing that again.   Cant cope with the tiredeness plus its not going to help me get better quicker.

I’ll stick to a glass of red wine.. but I’m off my next course now till the next time.

Feel like a beached whale!

So i’ve piled on the weight big time.  A whooping 89 kg – 14 stone.. only 6 kgs less than what I weighed when I gave birth to my son.  13 kgs more than what I normally weigh. (I think you get the picture now ha).. before you say its the least of my worries.. its not!

I have to say comfort food did taste nice whilst I was eating it but the extra weight on my knees and heart is not good. I feel so heavy all the time I get out of breath easily, walking up my house stairs is an effort, so may I suggest that you try not to eat crap when taking cortisone. The tablets alone bloat you and well the food just adds to it and the water retention.. arghhhhh

I am starting to train next week and go on a diet. I have never had to diet although I have had the atkins diet before for a couple of weeks. a few years back. But thats not much of a diet, its more like all you can eat meat! lol  Its the kind of diet that either works for you or doesnt and it did for me.  But they say a healthy anti cancer diet, is no sugar and no meat.   Got to have sugar in my tea but I’ll happily skip some meat for some healthy veg.  In fact I’ll do anything to get my old self back.  I tried to tie my straps on my shoes tonight by sitting at the edge of the bed but couldnt do it as my belly got in the way! So my husband had to. How bad is THAT.

Time for a change of lifestyle. Got to fight this stupid disease from every angle. I miss the old healthy me and well she’s not coming back unless I fight for her.

In the meantime.. here is what I look like with no hair.. not quite the yummy mummy image hahaha but its all part of the process. Watch this space for improvement. The only way is up.

They wrote about me in a local magazine

Hi there all.

Just thought i’d update you. All is well in my world apart from the achey armpit which could be due to the weather getting cooler and the fact that I am still trying to find a job. If you hear anyone is hiring, please let me know!! 🙂

Here is the article which is copyright of The Cypress Grapevine.  I hope you are all well and fighting strong.

My event has been made official

Hi all

My event has been made official and tickets will be available for purchase tomorrow at the PASYKAF offices in Paphos.

I am very excited and I hope we raise lots of money.  🙂


I have had a rough couple of days.

Yesterday I felt so ill I went to the doctor who said I have a Acute Bronchits. Let me tell you, there’s nothing a cute about it all all. I sound like Darth Vader!  I had to sit in the clinic for a whole hour before I was seen and then I got a call from my sons nursery telling me he was restless due to his eyes not opening properly cause he was sick too. Then I get out to my car and see that someone has scratched it. I really don’t like Mondays.

I finally spoke to my oncologist who has arranged for an appointment for me to go see a surgeon in Nicosia.  Nicosia of all places.  I don’t even know where the hospital is. I have no family there so I am really upset that should I proceed with the surgery there I will have to do it without my family being near by.  Which you can say I am a big girl now and don’t need my mum and dad, but recovery is always faster when those you love are around you, wouldn’t you agree?

Still one step at a time. I am on strong antibiotics now to get rid of the bronchitis. Then I can have surgery to get rid of my lymphnodes which will leave me with fat arm syndrome apparently aka lymphoedema.  Great.. I really will look like something out of the cave man days, me walking whilst dragging my arm behind me.. yes its ok, you can laugh at my comment. I did. 🙂

I found a useful forum today. Its for UK Melanoma patients.