This day started like all the rest, I woke up and wished I could just roll over and go back to sleep, but as soon as my eyes closed they shot wide open as I realized today’s the day I get my results.  I got my darling son ready in a haze with help from my mum who arrived shortly afterward for moral support.

I drove to the hospital feeling more and more nervous by the minute.  I thought I’m not going to look at the results, I will wait till after I have dropped off my son in case I have a breakdown in the car and then cant face the nursery!   The CT scan man a funny Cypriot named George that doesn’t like tattoos or nose studs (whoops) walked me to collect them.  An old friend asked how I was on the way. I said I was fine.  George looked at me and I said, I am fine.. am I fine? They all wished me luck.

As I walked to the car my mum gets out and runs off to the loo and instructs me not to look at them till she returned!  I don’t.  But when she gets back I said Ill look at the nursery.   I don’t.   You know I was terrified of what was in the envelope.    However as we were driving up to get petrol I decided to look.  Here is what it said:  Brain normal, (ok so I am a little crazy) neck normal, (a little long perhaps) abdomen normal (a bit on the fatty side), armpit not normal. Well that was in my language.  I was immediately so relieved. I mean its very strange how I can be relieved knowing I still have cancer. But cancer is an evil evil thing so the less you have of it the easier it is to beat.  My mum and I were just like whoop whoop.  I think people in the petrol station must have thought we were a little over joyed over petrol.. lol

For those of you who are reading cause you are doing your own research on Melanoma her is what the CT scan results stated:

Neck: No lymph nodes, all soft tissue structure appears normal, no changes in comparison with scan in October 09

Brain: Without pathology, normal postcontrast enhancement

Right Axilla (aka armpit): hyperdense solid tissue and oval lymph nodes (diameter about 1.00cm) appear. No presence in previous CT scan in Oct 09. Image is very suspicious from metastatic involvement.

Abdomen & Pelvis:  No lymph nodes, no secondary’s. All organs appear normal

C: Right axillery area lymphadenopathy is very suspicious from recurrence of disease.

After we got to the Limassol hospital and went through the massive maze that that place is, found the oncologist, then went and got a ticket to sign in (366!), then came back to the oncologist, my hubby joined us from work.   Dr Malas,  gave me the once over again which involved taking off my garments and staying in my undergarments whilst he has a close look at all my moles and rubs my neck and shoulders (I love that part).  (note to self everyone wear nice undergarments lol).  He then said that I do indeed have cancer in my lymph nodes and that I will need surgery as soon as possible to have them all removed.  This is no easy procedure and requires an excellent surgeon!  He also said I will require some therapy called interferon three times a week which is an immune therapy drug.  This wont result in any hair loss or boob loss as I asked him and I also asked about fertility to which he laughed and said “how many kids do you want!”  (I only have one!)

So on Monday I have to call him at 11:00am and he will study my file until then, speak to a few surgeons and suggest a few things.  After that its my decision who I have to do the surgery and where, and once I have had the surgery he will then decide on what therapy to give me.. (chocolate and vodka therapy please) meanwhile shopping therapy helped a lot as my lovely hubby says here’s my card, go treat yourself.. so I did.. its amazing how much better you can feel after a few dresses.. (Limassol Mall ladies.. go check it out; great for in between hospital visits and after hospital visits I found)

So all in all if you can get good bad news this is it. Bad news that’s good news cause I have treatable cancer.  I can fight this and I can beat this and I will get my happy ever after.