No news

I haven’t updated this for a while so I thought id ramble for a bit.  I still haven’t had news from my biopsy that was taken out on the 4th.  I have had my stitches out and I have to say the surgeons did such a fine job you can’t even tell I had another minor op there.

My friend came to visit me and said I heal quickly and that I have great skin! I said yes I have great skin but its trying to kill me, yay for me! haha Its ok you can laugh at that. 🙂  I’m a little multi coloured under my arm now but I am using bio oil to reduce scarring. It has come a long way since its toasted state.

I am due to see my oncologist next week for my three month check up already! These check ups are odd. He has a good feel of my neck and shoulders and does the tap tap thing everywhere. I wonder if he is looking for an echo? Cause he wont hear it under my skin.. there’s too much food in it.   I seemed to have got quite podgy recently so I’ve decided to join a gym!  A fit body will have less chances of infections and this will be part of my battle too.

Still no news on the job front as of yet. Things are quiet in Paphos at the moment so I may struggle for a while, but I remain optimistic even though I have trouble sleeping at night as I am worried about the mortgage and all the other things that I could have done without worrying in my condition.

Still they say whenever life hands you lemons you should use them with tequila and have a party.. but if I keep doing that I’ll be permanently hammered!  So life can you cut me a break please and perhaps hand me some orange juice instead? 🙂

So hopefully by today I’ll have some great news and more great news next week when I see the radiologist. 🙂

Hope you are all well and fighting the battle.  Even when things get really bad have a good cry, shout obscenities then pull yourself together for the next step. 🙂