A better day

Bone Scan Results Image

Today, I got up at oh my god its early at 6:45am! I haven’t done that in a while, but as mentioned in yesterdays post I got to lie in till 10:30 so I shouldn’t complain.  Had to set off to Limassol for a bone scan appointment at 9:15.  I couldn’t eat anything as I had to have blood tests first, which normally I would do on a separate day, but as I have to have them in time for tomorrows CT scan and I couldn’t have them after the bone scan I had to prepare today instead.  My mum arrived shortly after along with my sister whilst I was upstairs changing the stinkiest nappy ever.  I keep saying that each time as I am sure they get stinkier!

My sister and I set off to Limassol and once we got there and finally found a parking space it was a mad rush as someone had broken in to the hospital outpatients and robbed their tills.  Lucky for me, not having a clue where I am I asked a woman where to sign in and she did it all for me.    Had my blood tests and then off I went for the bone scan.

They inject you with some highly radioactive stuff (even the injection had a silver metal thing around the tube for protection) and they said I had to drink as much water as possible, pee as much as possible to flush it out and stay away from pregnant women, babies and don’t sit too close to anyone for 24 hours! I cant even share my bed with my husband.. sigh.. lol  And I had to wait 3 hours before the scan could actually take place.  It takes that long for the stuff to work.

Meanwhile, I scoffed down a large sandwich and my first bottle of water, and then we went to look for the Limassol mall which took us a stupid amount of time as we couldn’t find the place, with me as the main entertainment as every time I lifted up my arm to get some aircon to cool myself it smelt like five fisherman’s wives hairy pits that had gone unwashed for days! ha  this to you may be too much info and rather gross, but how do you think I feel when I am the one that has it.  But wearing a plastic gauze under ones armpit in the hot Cypriot sun wont do anyone any favours, no matter how many times you wash around it, and put deodorant on.  I cant wait to take out my stitches.. or stitch as the case my be and neither can the rest of my family..

We had some nice lunch (yes after I scoffed a large sandwich) once we situated ourselves in the middle of an empty restaurant away from where I hoped no one would sit next to us and by the time we finished it was time to go back for my 130 scan!!  A quick pee stop and off we went.

I got my general blood results which show that I am healthy but slightly dehydrated and then went to the special bone scan clinic.  Still waiting for the white blood cell ones though.

The process from here is to sit in a room separated from everyone else, and then go into another room that has this massive scary looking machine in it, with a desk behind some glass (for the staff protection) .  They then ask you to remove any metal jewelery and lie on a bed that is barely wide enough for a stick insect and add arm rests to it.  (you don’t have to take off your clothes either! Bonus) Then this bed goes high up and the scanner thingy comes above your head by inches.  I didn’t like that part I felt a little claustrophobic but the very nice nurse Andri said the closer it is, the better the picture.  Then you aren’t allowed to move or talk for at least 10 mins. Let this be a record for me! ha  It soon passes and the bed starts to move from under it slowly slowly and there is a screen to your right which you can turn to look at after its moved from your head and you can see how much time you have left and which part of your body is being scanned.

During the process this lovely girl came to me and said, I can see your scan, and you are fine. “what do you mean I am fine?” I ask! She said “your bones  are fine and I will confirm this when we are finished and I will also check your soft cells too”.  Well I couldn’t believe my ears and as hard as I tried not to, I cried, I was so relieved I cried.   She then went on to tell me that my soft cells are fine too!

Indeed after the scan, she showed me the computer picture of my skeleton which was freaky and apart from a full bladder there were no signs of any cancer! Whopeeee!   This means that battle no 1 is over and I have won it!

Apart from not being able to cuddle my son or go near him the whole process was painless but time consuming but I found the Limassol General hospital very nice and helpful.

The oncologist saw me and said that I am to return to Limassol as soon as I have my CT scans ready.

When I returned home I went to have my stitch out.  Big massive ouch!  But I thought who cares, I can have a shower, but to my disbelief the surgeon replaced the old gauze with some white spray and a new gauze which I cant take off for TWO more days!  So smelly armpit will be with me a little longer.. sigh..

So although I started my day with a really really stinky nappy it finishes rather better! (even with a stinky armpit) Wouldn’t you agree!! 🙂