6 down 14 to go!

Hi all.

So not long till I can come home already.

Side effects from the cortisone have well and truly kicked in.  My knee muscles gave up on me last night and I couldn’t walk. The pain was unbearable and poor Adam had to help me off the bed and on to the loo. Good husband material for sure.

I am mostly knackered with a side order of exhausted but when I can we get the bus in to town so I can stretch my legs (well up until yesterday) and get some fresh air and see some sites. We don’t get very far but we try.

I saw the doctor today. He is so nice and concerned about my knees had a good feel of them today and I have decreased my cortisone which is super fab. I am now down to 4mg twice daily instead of 8 then down to 2 on Friday and then one twice daily after! YAY that means puffiness will ease up, pain, swelling, water retention.  Cortisone is super bad for the body.

He said I’m being zapped in all the right places but I will not see the results till 4 to 6 weeks after treatment where I will require an MRI in Cyprus which will show the dead metastasis in my brain.  He gave me some funky head pictures that show all my tumours to see on paper so not sure if I can take a photo and add them on here.

So all in all everything is going well.  The chemo tablets have not affected me. Anti emetics are working so I can still eat (yay).

I remain positive with lots of swearing on bad days which I allow myself to hate the universe and be pissed off.  Confucius say it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!  🙂

So that’s my recent news.  Treatment is working and I will know results after I get home.  Should be able to look for flights nearer the end as sometimes there are glitches with the machine and I may miss a day.  But can hopefully come home in about 19 or 20 days. Plenty of time to celebrate my son’s birthday! YAY for me and everyone.

Much love to all for all your fundraising, concerts and parties and so much more you have done.

Alethea x

MRI Results

Hi all

I got my MRI results.  It turns out I have 10 brain tumours and the metastasis has started to spread to the bone in my head.  Scary stuff.

There is a doctor in Germany who is ready to start to fix me, so I am currently on a race to raise 14,000 Euros just for the treatment. This is the initial stereotactic brain radiotherapy.  Not sure what comes with it but after probably chemo.  More on this later.

I am being set up as a charity on Monday so people can make donations to an official account via my solicitors in Paphos but I will aslo provide a UK bank account too.

I have made a facebook page (other than my persona account) so you all know whats when – this will include bank account and donation areas.  Please join it http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Aletheas-melanoma-fight/142237025835795

I am feeling increasingly tired most days, its hard with my son as some days he wants nothing to do with me as he can sense I am upset even though I sing and act silly.   

Soon I can go to Germany and all this will be a bad dream and I can start getting ready.  Here is where I am due  to go http://www.sozialstiftung-bamberg.de/

My right affected side of the brain as u look at me 

One of my tumours