Cortisone is my friend..

…..I found out the hard way.

Monday night I woke up at 2am with a headache. Not the kind that you take two Panadol and go back to sleep.  Although I did take two Panadol ha.  But the pain was bad. I did manage to get back to sleep but when I woke up in the morning I was in a state. I couldn’t even get my son dressed for school. So along came my mum as usual bless her. 

By 10 am I was getting worse and worse and I was sick.  Then mum popped by after and we called the doctor and he said I am not to stop with my cortisone yet its too soon as my brain is swollen from radiotherapy. Suggested I take some cortisone.  Then I got even worse and was unable to sit up or eat or drink so I could take my tablets.  Cant explain the pain but its like the worst migraine you have ever had x10 all over your head and eyes.   So we called the doctor again and he said I had to be admitted to the clinic.

Once there I was given a cortisone by drip but the headaches were frequent and long-lasting and I was sick again and again. Eventually I fell asleep from exhaustion and when I woke up at about 430ish I finally felt better.     

What an awful day. I think its the worse day since my diagnosis. My headaches would stop when I was sick before but this time they didnt.  A migraine from 2am till 3pm the next day is enough to send someone mad I cortisone may be bad for my body but its great for my head..

Good news is they allowed me home this morning so I am once again home.

I’ve decided to put my night out on hold till my birthday next month.   

I’ve still got to have 4 courses of chemo tablets starting next week. One week on 3 weeks off and more MRI’s of my brain. 

So that’s all for now.   Back on my cortisone tablets as although they are quite bad for you, they are clearly also good for you.. well in my case anyway.. hurrah for pain free days.  🙂

Chest pains with a side order of panic attacks

So last night I had really bad chest pains and difficulty breathing which then resulted in a big fat panick attack. One of the good things about this hotel, is that its more a patient hotel rather than a holiday hotel, so the receptionists etc are also nurses.   So Adam whent and fetched one and she said I had to go to A&E.  So off she rolled me in a wheel chair and they gave me a an ecg, blood tests and blood pressure checking, the usual stuff really and said it’s quite possibly the cortisone. DAMN that stupid fing cortisone.  Its given me nothing but hassle.  I’m down to  two mgs a day and it’s still effecting me.   Bad stuff that.

So today I have to have another ecg and see what the blood tests say when I see my doctor.   I feel very rough today, hard to move around it’s as if someone has sucked out all my air and energy and left wobbly leftovers.   arghhh 

Getting zapped at 12 and its my 11th time! I’ve passed the half way mark.   All being well, I am booked to go home on the 14th of March! YIPEEEEEE

Another MRI

So yesterday I had to have another MRI.    The doctor was worried about the swelling of my knees and me losing the ability to lift myself up and walk properly.   

My right affected side of the brain as u look at me

Charlie.. the biggest tumour (old scan)

The MRI showed that all is in order, ie no more brain tumours.   Unfortunately Charlie as I first called the big and only tumour I thought I had is sat right in the place where movement of arms legs etc is controlled and he is not a happy tumour.  He is whats making me weak so a new zapping plan has had to be made which should be ready tomorrow.  They will go a little easier on him so he will perhaps go a little easier on me.    The rest of the tumours are just sat there being zapped as normal.

So I resume zapping on Monday so get the weekend off.   Let me see.. clubbing? wishful thinking.  Perhaps a quiet meal somewhere quiet and an early night.:)

We went out today again into town.  It’s extremely cold though as temperatures have dropped and it started trying to snow just as we got on the bus back.    We did manage to get some food in a tiny corner chinese place.  Not a restaurant more like a stop eat kfc kinda place.   So amazingly cheap here to eat.  Thank god.    Then off to the local supermarket for some lush fresh salads in a bag and sushi and fresh fruit.   In between chocolate mouse and er chocolate.. hahaha

I’m gonna need an extra seat on that plane for my giant ass.. mind you cortisone reduction, means hunger reduction, means less food, less chocolate smaller ass.. hope for me yet.

A x