A new month for new possibilities and better outcomes

So its October already! I have been dealing with melanoma for 6 months already and I wonder what happened to my summer. Mainly spent getting treatment, surgeries, recovering, radiotherapy, recovering, getting melanoma again, more tests, small surgery, recovering and now its October. My melanoma free month. Yay here’s to the first of many.

I am seeing the doctor on Thursday to discuss treatment options. I have been reading so much on treatment via the Internet at the endless “alternative” ways of treating cancer from eating well, to coffee enemas, to flax oil to vitamin c drips and god knows what else is out there.  It appears all doctors are against alternative ways as they do not believe in anything other than medicine. But what if you have tried all the medicine? What if you tried radiotherapy and it didn’t work, and you had chemo and that didn’t work, wont you try the alternative way? What if the wonderful doctor said there is nothing we can do for you and you thought you were going to die, would you not go and see this alternative medicine man?

I would.  I trust medicine but I also trust the witch doctor if he can help too. In the meantime I have started eating very well already and have cut out red meat from my diet. I try to eat as much veg and drink fruit juices too.  😉 I’m hoping I’ll loose a few pounds at the same time too which will be a bonus!

I have finally set an official date for my singing event in Paphos.  Please visit the facebook event here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122976651090919&ref=mf

I hope those of you that live near enough will join me and Gino my singing partner and excellent guitarist on that night.

More after I see the doctor on Thursday 🙂


So much for being back to “normal”..   I went to Nicosia today to have my ultra sound scan on my boobs and they checked my scar and showed me a new lump.  They said it could be scar tissue, a left in stitch or a lymph node or recurrence.  He called for my radiologist Dr who had a good poke and feel and said rather than wait it out I should have an MRI as he found something dodgy around my rib cage. He said that that could be caused from the radiotherapy.

So at 330 I went for an MRI. They are scary. I didn’t take anyone with me as I thought it was just going to be a simple scan.   The chap though was very friendly and kind and I had to put on one of those robes that does not close on the back again. Darn things.  He put me through the tube and I panicked but after some deep breaths I was OK.  They are the noisiest things ever. Various stages of various noises for nearly half an hour and then an injection of fluid to make my vitals show up.     After what felt like ages I was allowed to leave.

Now I have to wait to hear the results which could come on Friday or Monday.  If they tell me over the phone then its good news. If they ask me to go see them, then its not as no one gives bad news over the telephone. Not doctors anyway.

So here I am hoping for good news, its nothing, its just a stitch, its scar tissue everything is normal. God please let it be normal..

MRI unit. A bed you lie on that goes completely into a tube with just your feet sticking out. Feels like an indian drum party around your head!!