Sore armpit, sore bottom what ever next!

It was a long day today, more than normal. It seem to take ages to get seen by the radiotherapy unit girls after arriving at 9am lady B and I did not actually get zapped till after 11am! My poor coccyx which hasn’t been right since I had my son was screaming at me as those blue chairs aren’t exactly made for comfort but convenience!  Then I get upstairs only to find out that my bus left. Well its not MY bus but it was the early bus that I always get on.  So lady B and I and master W who stuck around just to wait for lady B waited at the clinic for a further 2 hours on the built for convenience blue chairs, thus I did not get home until nearly 4pm today. So my arse spent a total of 8 hours either sat on a hard chair or being jolted on the bus..

I saw the lady radiotherapist today, she is very sweet.  She has prescribed me some Bepanthol cream which is a type of moisturiser I think and movithiol cream which is a cortisone to help with the pain that and some paracetamol.  Unfortunately as time has passed I am getting increasingly more red and more sore.  Medicine is all given free at the oncology center which I think is very kind indeed.

I was talking to one of the chaps I share the bus with today, he has had prostate cancer and is having radiotherapy like me. Many more zaps than me too.  We were saying how we have to take off our tops and how we are red raw and he said he has to drop his bottoms each time.  I was embarassed that I had to show my boobs every day to a bunch of people I didn’t know and he has to show his crown jewels everyday to them instead!  I asked him “does this mean you have to get your knackers out everyday?!”  haha I’m such a classy lady aren’t I?! Thankfully he found my question amusing, well at least I hope you did if you are reading this! 🙂   So everyone, just when you think its embarrassing to see the doctor over anything think of all the men out there who have to drop their pants every day cause of prostate cancer. And chaps; do get yourselves checked, as with everything prevention is the key.  Having your crown jewels on show every day is not the worst thing that can happen to you but prostate cancer can be.

So I am hoping the cream will start working soon and I will start to feel less pain however the stiffness in my arm and wrist I will have to tackle with lifting a glass of wine..  🙂  haha

Keep smiling.

Alethea x