Feeling good 19 down 1 to go!

So tomorrow is my last treatment. 

My knees are still weak and don’t hold me up like they used to. Think its my expanding belly and arse. haha oh well.  Got my files back from the doctors now we have to wait here until all payments arrive from Cyprus and then we can move to a less expensive hotel and fly back on the 14th! How awesome is THAT.  I reckon I wont make it through the doors before I’m blubbering everywhere when I see my parents and son.  Then again since I got sick adverts and songs make me blubber all the time. Its like I’m pregnant all over again.. haha

Here are some images from the last MRI.  Couldnt find all the tumours but you can see Charlie. He’s the biggest.  Wont know for another 4 to 6 weeks what he is up to.  But as I am improving mentally and physically he must be dying from the inside out. The tumours all have white around them which is the swelling or bruising. In case u miss them.  All on the left.