Good news and bad news

Well you can imagine how I was feeling for a while with the news that I may possibly be poorly again!  However on Thursday I was told that my MRI was all clear! YAY I think what he felt was scar tissue from where the drain entered near my ribs. Its still quite sore there still.

I know have to get my new lump tested today.  I’m seeing the doctor that did both my surgeries who is supposed to stick a needle in it and draw out some fluid. I hope its just a stitch so I can smack him for scaring me and leaving it in the in the first place! haha I do not want to think about the what if. I’m out celebrating tonight in town with all my friends who have supported me throughout all this. So around 10pm Cyprus time, please raise a glass and drink to good health, good friends to you and to me! 🙂 (thanks)

The bad news is I’m now unemployed.   I have to say the timing is rubbish but I haven’t let it get me down. I have plenty to offer a new company and I know they will be lucky to have me.  When one door closes, another one opens.  That’s the way life works.

I just want the all clear. Trivial things are not important when you are given a cancer diagnosis.  So once I get the all clear again after they test my new lump, I can hopefully find a new job as I although I have plenty to offer, no one will want to hire someone if they are suffering from cancer and need lots of treatment.  Talk about the wrong time to be unemployed. But there’s never really a good time to be unemployed. Unless of course you have just won the lottery, then that’s a great time to be unemployed. haha

So watch this space for new lump news. Fingers and toes crossed that its nothing. I could really do with some good news.