Time has passed already and I may very well be having the surgery on Saturday morning!  Some people will be nursing a hangover, others will be getting ready for work, others to go to the beach and we’d normally have a play in bed with our son jumping on us in turn and dribbling everywhere.

Instead I will be arriving at the clinic and having my blood pressure checked and my heart rate monitored whilst I change into something more comfortable.  I do hate hospital gowns. They are silly. They cover your whole front and never your arse.  I suppose its for easier removal.  We always laugh when we see the typical movie when the cute man is running with a hospital gown on showing his nice firm bum but I don’t quite picture the same effect if I was to run down the corridor with my bum on show.  However, there’s not much chance of that happening. I have been saving my big pants! ha That’s right, my big pants. I’m not talking granny knickers here ladies, but nice girlie boxers and non lacy knickers.  Its important to be as comfortable as possible and I just didn’t fancy my arse popping out of anywhere to anyone!! So I recommend no thongs no lacy stuff as hospitals are not the place for all that!   You can still look your best with a nice pair of pyjamas and big knickers.  I wont be needing any bra’s though. I hate floppy boobs.  But in my case I don’t have a choice.  Floppy boobs and one that will get extra viewing by a few doctors.

I’m so embarrassed about the whole thing. Sure my doctors have seen thousands of naked women and boobs but that never seems to make ME feel any better!  Last time on the operating table I made sure they kept me covered till I was asleep.  Any nice surgeon will understand if you feel the same way.

The doctors said I was the most nervous person they’d ever seen on a table.  Thats quite bad really, considering the amount of surgeries they have done.  I remember saying to them as the anaesthisia was taking over to please look after me as I was pretrified.    However, this time I’ve got my Bach flower remedy and I hope it will assist my nerves.

I think I was the same when I was being rolled down for my C section.   Those of you who have had surgeries will notice that their rooms are bloody freezing. And their tables are so small. But I suppose they need them like that so they can get as close to you as possible.  Never mind if one of your butt cheeks is hanging off the edge.  Having a C section was the most embarrassing doctor patient situation I’ve ever had to experience.. I think only a natural birth will top that for me!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am absolutely terrified.  However I know I’ll be ok cause I was last time too.

So don’t worry, as you are going down on the rolley polley bed or a wheel chair which ever way they transfer you to the theater,  remember before you know it you’ll be fast asleep and when you wake up it will all be over and you can focus on getting better and hope your bottom doesn’t fall off the bed instead. 🙂