Another bad day

Today I woke up at 10:30 ish. It’s the longest I’ve stayed asleep since I have had my son. I didn’t hear the monitor or anything I was so knackered. My husband kindly took over for me knowing how hung over I was going to be! Which I was… not the headache kind, the kind that makes you feel as though you did kill some brain cells.. a lot perhaps in my case.  Hope some of those were cancer cells too! That will teach it to mess with me..

I walked down stairs and sat down on the couch and my husband then told me that my Auntie passed away that morning!  My mum’s sister and best friend.  Gutted.  And here’s me thinking, really, what else is going to go bad this week!  I’d only received a text from her last week saying to be strong, and how she has got through cancer and is still strong at 72!  You just never know though what life is going to throw at you next.

I got my son ready and hubby and I went to spend some time with my mum.  I knew my son would make her smile,  because no matter how sad I am feeling my son always makes me smile with just one look and when I get a cuddle, well that has its special healing powers.  He’s only nearly 15 months old and already he has helped me through the worst time of my life!!

The rest of the day was more like a haze really. Very slow, remembering and talking about my lovely Auntie Beryl.  Bit of a numb bad day.