A new day

My new day today began with my mother and my sister sat in a massive traffic cue trying to get to our local hospital to see the oncologist.  Laughing about the lack good drivers the short cut that ended up being closed and caused us even more delay and me entertaining my son in the back seat of the car which my mom later took to nursery.

Once we made it to the hospital and I persuaded the nurse that I did indeed have an appointment and I didn’t just walk in off the streets I sat down to calm down!  I was thinking perhaps she ought to be a little nicer considering the department she works in but then again I don’t want everyone walking on egg shells around me and feeling sorry for me!  However manners are manners and she lacked them.

Anyway, the lump doctor (as I like to call him) inspected my body from head to toe, thankfully his hands where warm and I had to try not to giggle when he touched my ticklish parts like my armpits and belly! I find that so inappropriate, me laughing when a doctor is touching me in inappropriate places to test for lumps I always apologize! He didn’t find any moles that looked odd. So that’s good.

He said, I have to have further tests to see if the cancer is anywhere else in my body.  So its blood tests and bone scan on Monday and CT scan on Tuesday.   Lots of radio activeness in my blood stream next week. But if it gives the doctors and me a war  path to fight on!

So at the moment I am hopeful and praying that the melanoma is just in my right armpit lymph nodes.

Meanwhile I have started a new diet to boost my immune system. There are loads of things you can avoid and loads more you can eat to help have a healthy body and are anti cancer!   I even had my first soy mince pasta which I have to say was rather dilicious! It really does taste like meat!  Think it was my husbands great touch of flavouring of garlic and onion etc.  So don’t knock it till you’ve tried it..

I wonder if they make soya wine??

Till I find out I am off to watch some tv and drink a bad for me glass of wine! 🙂