Tuesday’s Ramble

So since I found out the bad news as such that I may be loosing all my hair, feritility and dignity I have been pretty much ok.  No nervous breakdowns as of yet however I’m thinking perhaps I ought to get some anxiety tablets or something. Might take the edge of and stop me yelling at my poor husband. Bless him.

I’ve been looking at head scarves and wigs and reading up on care during and after chemo and all that.  But apparently I may not loose all my hair. It all depends on the type of chemo I’m going to get.  So I have to wait. That’s all I do these days is wait lol

Still no news from the Oncology department in Nicosia so I will give them a call tomorrow.  Its not like I have the rest of my life to hang around without any worry. I need to start this treatment soon.  If only I was more careful when I sunbathed.  And I don’t even have pale white skin! My dad is Cypriot. I always thought my skin could handle the sun..

I’ve been off work what seems like ages and I want my life back to normal.. which means returning to work. Bills don’t pay themselves and Social Security of Cyprus is rather slow in making payments considering I’ve received nothing from them since my application in May.  Joy!  Plus it be nice to see my colleagues as I haven’t since I finished work on the 21st of May! We only leave 10-15 mins within each other.. These days people are just so busy with life.

Going to see if they have fixed the darn boob machine tomorrow too.  lol  They haven’t called me yet.. but thats Cyprus for ya.  lol  I cant fault them though they have looked after me quite well so far. 🙂

Have been doing all my exercises and my arm although hurts a little bit finally feels back to normal. I can lift it and everything and getting undressed isn’t so painful anymore.

Its important to stick to those exercises specially the squesshy ball one as that pumps fluid out of your arm and can prevent lymphoedema or lymphedema. Or whatever its actually called.  But you all know what I mean.

Apart from that not much else to report.  I’m looking forward to waking up not tired one day.. but I guess with whats ahead of me it will be a while.

Keep smiling cause life could be worse, no matter how bad you think things are!