Doctors that mess you about

My oncologist sent me to Nicosia today to see a plastic surgeon. He said that he’s the chap that knows about Melanomas.   When I spoke to my original surgeon, he said, why is he sending you to see him? They are plastic surgeons. They have nothing to do with lymph removals. He then spoke to my oncologist who said he was sending me to the plastic surgeon because surgery at the general hospital is free.

So off we went at 730am and got there for 9.  Surprise surprise when I got there no one was expecting me and when they finally saw me at 11 they told me “we dont do this kind of surgery, your doctor must have got confused when he sent you to us”  arghhhhh (I waited a WHOLE week to hear this!)  He said they can refer me to a surgeon at their hospital but I’d have to make a new appointment and there is a waiting list for surgeries.  So they suggested I come back to Paphos and see a surgeon here.   I said stuff this, and spoke to my first surgeon and agreed to have the surgery tomorrow morning in a private clinic! I just cant wait any longer as its too dangerous.

Can’t eat or drink anything from midnight onwards.  So I am having a cheeky vodka now.  I’m not going to fight the toxins in my body by putting more in so really once I’ve had this surgery I will have to be even more careful about what I eat and drink.

Then again, you can say you only live once, which is very true and you should totally live every day doing things you want, but that doesn’t mean that booze and parties are the way to do it. Not at my age anyway haha

I know that tomorrow they will take out all my lymph nodes and melanoma. The sad thing is is that you are never quite free of melanoma. It can come back again and again.    This is why I have to try to eat healthier and take care of myself more, because I only get one shot at life and I will do whatever it takes to live a long one..

So here’s to positive thinking and here’s to step two of my battle to beat this son of a b***h 🙂 oh and to giving my oncologist a big earful for sending me on a wild goose chase and wasting my very precious time.


I have had a rough couple of days.

Yesterday I felt so ill I went to the doctor who said I have a Acute Bronchits. Let me tell you, there’s nothing a cute about it all all. I sound like Darth Vader!  I had to sit in the clinic for a whole hour before I was seen and then I got a call from my sons nursery telling me he was restless due to his eyes not opening properly cause he was sick too. Then I get out to my car and see that someone has scratched it. I really don’t like Mondays.

I finally spoke to my oncologist who has arranged for an appointment for me to go see a surgeon in Nicosia.  Nicosia of all places.  I don’t even know where the hospital is. I have no family there so I am really upset that should I proceed with the surgery there I will have to do it without my family being near by.  Which you can say I am a big girl now and don’t need my mum and dad, but recovery is always faster when those you love are around you, wouldn’t you agree?

Still one step at a time. I am on strong antibiotics now to get rid of the bronchitis. Then I can have surgery to get rid of my lymphnodes which will leave me with fat arm syndrome apparently aka lymphoedema.  Great.. I really will look like something out of the cave man days, me walking whilst dragging my arm behind me.. yes its ok, you can laugh at my comment. I did. 🙂

I found a useful forum today. Its for UK Melanoma patients.