Oncologist Visit

I went to Limassol today as you may know to see the oncologist. I thought I’d get there and that they’d be all pleased with all my results and send me home. But life is more complicated than that! The lady Oncologist (the one I usually saw is a chap) asked me to go and get all my sample results from the histopathology clinic from town and take them back to her so they could then be sent to Nicosia for a second opinion.  More driving for mum!

After that I was told I have to go and get a post op CT scan of my chest which has been booked for Monday at 1030 am!  The good thing about this is that I don’t need any new blood tests, and I don’t need to drink that god awful water that tastes like Ouzo and makes me sick, as its just a scan of my chest!  I do get the injection still though.. The bad thing is I cant eat!  No food till 1030am!  Yes I know there are worst things in life.  But me and food are closer than a tick on dogs bottom.

So now I have to wait till the 18th of this month to find out whats next.  I hope the new CT scan is clear again. I hope they are happy with the second opinion and I hope they tell me whether on not there will be offering any treatment.  But most of all I hope I am truly melanoma free.

My surgeon is totally amazed with my results.  He cant believe it went from such a serious diagnosis to the existing clear one.   I think its because of all the great support, all the prayers from three separate churches (two in England, one in Cyprus) my constant chants to the universe and a whole lot of luck.  Thank god, nature and my human body for being strong, the melanoma for not spreading and what ever else as helped me get through this.

I know my journey is not over and my lifestyle has been changed already to help prevent recurrence, from healthy eating to daily sunblock cream and I have even bought a protective sleeve to keep my right arm cool when driving in the sun. I will also do my best to spread awareness of what can happen to some people if they do not protect their skin.  But most of all, I will live, I will love and I will be happy.

Here are some images of what was taken out of my armpit before and after.  They are kept in small blocks called paraffin blocks.  They are a bit fuzzy as I took them whilst my mum was driving. But it gives you an idea of what they look like!

Tomorrow I am hoping to have my drain removed.  Bob can finally move on and help someone else drain their unwanted lymph fluid…

So my advice to you would be live love and be happy!

Here you can clearly see the sample is black, from melanoma! This was inside me!

Bag of samples from first op!

Sample 2 of lymphnodes!

Back of second lot of samples from second surgery, my lymph nodes

A month has passed already

So its been a whole month since I had my first surgery. I had my stitches out today. I had to go in and see the doctor as I was leaking from my drain so I freaked out thinking I may have pulled it out and went to see him.   He wasn’t all that pleased but luckily it didn’t actually come out and now I have to leave it in till Thursday. My results still weren’t in however as mentioned previously I get them tomorrow and so far they look promising.

I’ve decided that I will use interferon if offered to me.  Side effects means you get to feel a bit crap but at least I’ll be alive to feel crap eh!

My son has started to warm up to me again and give me cuddles! He has been really good with Bob (drain) and hasn’t tried to pull it or lift it or even look at it. Clever little boy I gave birth to! hehe

Hubby has been excellent as usual, cooking and cleaning and ironing whilst I sit and do nothing!  I feel like a princess, till my son farts on me and the dream is over! lol  Too many men in the house.. I’ll definately have to try for a baby girl next time! Even things out a little.

I am completely up to date with Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, 90210 and Eastenders ombnibuses! Talk about square eyes.  Can’t really do much else as my arm still isn’t strong enough and I am shattered all the time. Apparently having an axillary clearance is quite a major operation. I didn’t realise this till recently. So even though I may look ok, I feel like shit. lol

I cant wait till I can roll over in bed and not worry about ripping Bob out, being in pain and what happens next.  My mind was in over drive this morning after our darling son woke us up playing his noisy toy in bed at 345am.. which indicates he wants a bottle before he will go back to sleep.  I tossed and turned and tried to get comfy and I couldn’t so I asked my husband to give me a hug, which at the present time involves hand holding!  Poor chap. I think its cause I’m nervous again about the whole thing.

So apart from spending a lot of time thinking about life, friends and whats happened to me, I haven’t really been doing much with myself.

I guess life will never quite been normal for me as I will always have this cause Malignant Melanoma is the kind that can come back over and over again. However, in some cases it doesn’t. As it already has for me I guess I am not one of those cases.   I hope this time its gone and it wont come back.  I would very much like to not have to worry about such an awful disease.

So my advise to you is, always where sunscreen, do not use sunbeds, do not sunbathe if really hot.  Because things like this can happen to anyone. At any age.  I was a huge sun worshiper, I remember the days when I’d lie on coral bay, sunbathing with little or no sunscreen on because I have darker skin.  I don’t have to worry about sunburn I used to say.   Stupid me.  I’ve learned my lesson now.  Now I have a sunhat and I will always wear sunscreen every day, even when I am just going to the shops.  Now I don’t really have a choice anymore.

However its not all bad, I’m alive, I am treatable,  I have a lovely supportive family, and real friends that have been there for me during my most difficult time and have visited me in hospital and have made me smile. I will keep saying this but life is so much better when you smile. (ok so I’m a lot cheesy!)

Cant wait till I get my results tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for reading! 🙂