There’s stupid and then there’s me!

Ok this is no joking matter really.

Had a day of in-house visitors today; mum came and did some ironing bless her and my good friend Mel popped round with cake and her beautiful daughter Calista. She knows the way to my heart. Meanwhile my husband went with my scans to the oncologist and she gave the impression that there are more than one tumor. So I checked the paper and there it is.. as clear as day. 7 metastatic tumours.. SEVEN..  yesterday I was like “well I only have one so i’ll be fine”.. now I have 7. well I had 7 yesterday.. so my new line is “I only have 7” it could be worse. It could be a WHOLE lot better but it’s not.

I woke up today so that’s always a good sign. As long as I stick to the breathing in and out again I’ll be fine. Roll on the radiotherapy. Not sure when I start but probably next week I’ll be back on George’s cancer bus.. I’ll be there to cheer everyone up.. perhaps I can act even more silly as I can say “I can’t help it I have 7 brain tumours don’t you know..”

Bloody hell.  Cant really call them all charlie..but I’m not gonna name them all.. so now I’m snow-white and the 7 dwarfs.. after all I don’t sunbathe anymore.. so Happy (from when I’m acting silly) Sleepy (from when I’m knackered),  Sneezy (cause I always do that) grumpy (for when I just can’t take anymore and Im pissed off and swearing) Dopey (cause I was yesterday when i thought I had only one when it clearly said 7) Doc (for when I chant my get well and shrinking chants to them) and Bashful (for when I’m shy when all hands are on me)

So there you go.. 7 personality Alethea.. 🙂 

Today I’m Dopey. Clearly.

Brain tumor

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse.. they do.

I had another bad headache this morning so I decided to go the general hospital a&e to get some help and insist on a scan. I was soo poorly.

They put me on a drip and said they can’t bring my scan forward as I wasnt an emergency; I hadn’t been in an accident.. so my sister called my oncologist, whilst my mum yelled at the a&e doctor and said what if she’s got a brain tumour? will she be an emergency then? Anyway my oncologist spoke to the doctor and finally I was wheeled in for a brain scan.

Results are I have a brain tumor. 24.2×17.1mm in size in the frontal right side of my brain.

meet Charlie, my brain tumour


So this is Charlie. As I already used Bob for my drain I chose Charlie for my tumour, wouldn’t want to get repetitive now would I!

It’s not fair, I’m too young and I want more kids and I want to see my son roll his eyeballs at me when I shout LOVE YOU when I drop him off at high school. Hopefully they will zap Charlie to death, pump me with stuff that will make me go bald and look like something from a zoo and get rid of it and I will do what ever it takes.

For now I have to take cortisone tablets 3 times a day and something for my stomach. So I’m gonna be looking like a puffer fish before long.. yummy.

So once again, I am praying for a speedy recovery, to god, Buddy, Allah and all who are listening to my prayers. Friends unite and pray for me and all the other cancer sufferers out there and for gods sake STAY OUT OF THE SUN!

Wish my news was better.  Will find out more when I see my oncologist.