Busy busy

Well considering I am now unemployed I’ve been quite busy.

Saturday I went to have the lump removed. My surgeons said there was no point in draining it or testing it so they just removed it. I was under local anesthetic so that was rather strange as I couldn’t feel any pain but I could feel them tugging at my armpit!  I even got to see my very small tiny piece of lump they removed which was pink but with some dark bits in it.   They said it could be a rogue lymph node or a melanotic lesion.  This has left me slightly concerned.  But I am keeping optimistic as if there was anything really wrong the MRI would not have been clear!  I need to wait 8 days for my stitches to come out as they said it will take longer to heal from radiotherapy which as weakened my skin.

Monday I ran around various banks signing papers and paying money which I don’t really have to spare now thanks to my new situation.  I have to say, although a new door opens its not very nice when the other one slams shut in your face especially when you’ve been dealing with an illness like mine.  You’d much rather have support and understanding, but I guess that isn’t work related so I shouldn’t expect it. Even if I had worked there for 4 1/2 years.  These days some people just don’t care and this has been proven to me a lot recently.

Yesterday I went and arranged my sample to be taken to Nicosia. I just need to wait for it to be tested… Wont get results till next week some time.

I also went to the unemployment office and social security.  Its so embarrassing telling people you’ve been laid off.  I am 35 and the last time that happened was when I was 18.. I took my son with me which was a huge mistake as he run riot and shouted loudly as the room echoed.. I guess he likes the sound of his own voice as much as I do.. haha

My party celebrating life on Saturday night was fab.  About 10 of us ended up out till 4:30am so I was hungover for two days. But you know you had a good night when you loose your voice and are hungover for two days.. haha I won’t be doing that again in a hurry though.

Well that’s it for now.

Got an interview at 10:00am…. I feel optimistic about the new prospects in my life.

Friday Rambles

So, I went to get my dressings changed this morning.   Getting quite used to the whole process.  I’ve not worn a bra for a week now and I’m sure my boobs are facing the floor with each passing day..

Dr Lucas said I am recovering well but I can’t have my stitches out or my drain out yet.   On Tuesday when I get my results hopefully I can have my stitches out, but the drain has to stay in for as long as I have fluid coming out.   I wonder how long that is then? I wonder if I can do something to hasten it like pee?  Probably not.   I had to go to the shop on the way back, so I tucked BOB (aka drain) under my long skirt and in I trotted with my sunhat on and looking like there was nothing wrong with me.   Cause no one asked what was wrong with me for a change! lol

I just wanted to say, that during this blog, you may find I may recommend a book or an article but this is just something that worked for me so don’t feel upset or any differently because it doesnt work for you.  Do what ever you feel is right for you and follow your own instincts.  As long as you are also following some of your doctors too! lol

My arm is still very sore and stiff to use.  I still tire easily but its been less than a week really so what on earth am I worried about.   My sister’s birthday is coming up and she wants to go clubbing.  So do I but there’s not much chance of that happening as long as I’ve got Bob with me.   Although I could take Bob to dinner..

In the meantime I have become a couch potato.  Once my stitches are out, and Bob has gone I will start to do some exercise.  A healthy body and all that is good to fight off anything really.  And I’ve never really been one for exercise.  Sure I can dance all night and I never sit down when I’m out having a few drinks.  But ask me to go jogging, or do some exercises dvd at home?  I just cant do it.    Problem is I cant afford the gym and thats the only thing that will get me exercising.    So instead I will go walking with a friend of mine with the prams.  I plan on using my sons big pram for weight pushing! haha

I contacted a cancer support group yesterday.  It was really hard not getting emotional on the phone to a total stranger whilst trying to explain my situation. You see I can keep a brave face to those who know me, but I feel differently towards strangers.   Do you? Anyway, one of the nurses will come and see me soon.  They will help teach me more about how to deal with lymphedema and it be nice to talk to someone too.  Once I find out the coffee mornings I may go along with Bob and have a chat.   Perhaps you could try and do the same. Its hard keeping up appearances and remaining strong for the ones you love, so perhaps letting it all out will do you good!

Well have a wonderful weekend.  Try not to be to down on yourself!

Alethea & Bob.  lol 🙂