Busy busy

Well considering I am now unemployed I’ve been quite busy.

Saturday I went to have the lump removed. My surgeons said there was no point in draining it or testing it so they just removed it. I was under local anesthetic so that was rather strange as I couldn’t feel any pain but I could feel them tugging at my armpit!  I even got to see my very small tiny piece of lump they removed which was pink but with some dark bits in it.   They said it could be a rogue lymph node or a melanotic lesion.  This has left me slightly concerned.  But I am keeping optimistic as if there was anything really wrong the MRI would not have been clear!  I need to wait 8 days for my stitches to come out as they said it will take longer to heal from radiotherapy which as weakened my skin.

Monday I ran around various banks signing papers and paying money which I don’t really have to spare now thanks to my new situation.  I have to say, although a new door opens its not very nice when the other one slams shut in your face especially when you’ve been dealing with an illness like mine.  You’d much rather have support and understanding, but I guess that isn’t work related so I shouldn’t expect it. Even if I had worked there for 4 1/2 years.  These days some people just don’t care and this has been proven to me a lot recently.

Yesterday I went and arranged my sample to be taken to Nicosia. I just need to wait for it to be tested… Wont get results till next week some time.

I also went to the unemployment office and social security.  Its so embarrassing telling people you’ve been laid off.  I am 35 and the last time that happened was when I was 18.. I took my son with me which was a huge mistake as he run riot and shouted loudly as the room echoed.. I guess he likes the sound of his own voice as much as I do.. haha

My party celebrating life on Saturday night was fab.  About 10 of us ended up out till 4:30am so I was hungover for two days. But you know you had a good night when you loose your voice and are hungover for two days.. haha I won’t be doing that again in a hurry though.

Well that’s it for now.

Got an interview at 10:00am…. I feel optimistic about the new prospects in my life.

Pre op

Me after check in!

On Saturday morning I got up took my rescue remedy (it works) and off we went to the clinic. I couldn’t help saying “bollocks” over and over again thinking I’ve just got the use of my arm back and now I have to go through the whole recovery again!  Still if it makes me better then its a small price to pay.

It wasn’t too nerve wracking really as all the familiar faces where there, my two doctors (one of which operated on my first mole years ago and the other on my appendix when I was 15) and all the kind nurses which were surprised to see me back so soon! Poor sods! Chatterbox Alethea is back!

I changed into my blue gown and by 10:30 I was lying on the operating table. This time my room was so close by I walked into it!  Everyone was walking around me getting stuff ready and I was happily chatting away to the surgeon and the anesthetist telling them “I’m not going to cry this time” and whilst they put heart monitor patches under my boobs and got my arm ready to be strapped up the anesthetist did his job and the last thing I remember saying was ohhh I can feel it and as he pinched my cheeks as off I went into dreamland. Although saying that you don’t dream much when you are under the drugs..

Two hours later I was awake and apparently asking the theater nurse whether I wet myself or farted on the operating table! haha I do not remember any of this, my husband told me after, and he also said that the nurse said I was a model patient!  lol  Thank god for that!

Compared to last time I woke up I was in very little pain and very little distress.  I think its because this time I was not afraid, I was more optimistic and I knew that what they did could potentially save my life! That and of course all the drugs they pumped in me!  I had a nice bruise on my butt cheek from the injection which was administered before I woke up!

I have to say Rescue Remedy truly is a wonderful thing.. and no I don’t have shares in their sales lol


I have had a rough couple of days.

Yesterday I felt so ill I went to the doctor who said I have a Acute Bronchits. Let me tell you, there’s nothing a cute about it all all. I sound like Darth Vader!  I had to sit in the clinic for a whole hour before I was seen and then I got a call from my sons nursery telling me he was restless due to his eyes not opening properly cause he was sick too. Then I get out to my car and see that someone has scratched it. I really don’t like Mondays.

I finally spoke to my oncologist who has arranged for an appointment for me to go see a surgeon in Nicosia.  Nicosia of all places.  I don’t even know where the hospital is. I have no family there so I am really upset that should I proceed with the surgery there I will have to do it without my family being near by.  Which you can say I am a big girl now and don’t need my mum and dad, but recovery is always faster when those you love are around you, wouldn’t you agree?

Still one step at a time. I am on strong antibiotics now to get rid of the bronchitis. Then I can have surgery to get rid of my lymphnodes which will leave me with fat arm syndrome apparently aka lymphoedema.  Great.. I really will look like something out of the cave man days, me walking whilst dragging my arm behind me.. yes its ok, you can laugh at my comment. I did. 🙂

I found a useful forum today. Its for UK Melanoma patients.