Treatment time

Hi all

So this is how my days start from now on:

6am take my first anti emetic tablet then sleep till 7 and take my chemotherapy tablets. Then 8am have breakfast and at 9am take my cortisone tablets.  Then at 11am take my second  anti emetic tablet lol  I’m a walking junkie really. Rattle rattle.   I have no side effects, little nausea apart from this huge belly that is fast creaping up on me. I’m a rolley polley. sigh.

Treatment is painless. The mask is really tight though and I can’t talk or have my eyes open as I’m literally strapped to the bed with my head so I cannot move.  Adam is pleased of the invention, he will use it in Cyprus when I wont shut up I’m sure haha   I see lightning in my head throughout treatment which is very odd.  The radiotherapist chap said its rare to happen and of course, trust me to be friggin different. It scared the crap out of me as I wasnt expecting it but other than that it was ok. Quite the show really.   Treatment takes 2.5 minutes for the CT scan which will be done every time and then matched up with the brain for treatment which is 9 minutes total.

They are hoping to treat me on Saturdays too so I can get home quicker. How nice of them. I’ll be back in March in time for my sons 2nd birthday. whoop whoop.

Here are some photos of treatment in a slide show.  No Poseidon this time. And he is actually wearing a skirty thingy so what you all seem to think you SEE you dont. So there. lol


Hello all!

So I’m in Germany, Bamberg, in this hotel called Somnia which is attached to the clinic. It’s just a BB so we are looking for alternative self catering as you can’t get any food here after breakfast.

Yesterday’s journey was awful. The flights initially where wrong so they had to be fixed.  We landed in Munich and waited on the plane to take off for Frankfurt.  Once there I was exhausted but Lufthansa arranged a wheelchair and took me through on my very own bus to the next flight to Neuremberg and all free too.  Once on that plane which took 25 mins I felt even more ill but soon landed and got carted off in yet another wheel chair to the taxi.   Our taxi driver Paolo from Turkey was lovely and ever so understanding as I was violently ill before we drove off.   Think the stress caught up with me.

We soon arrived at the clinic then hotel.  Then it was a rush to find some food.   Totally exhausted went to sleep thankful for the days end.

Today we had a hearty breakfast.  Went down to the clinic and spoke to the radiologists about whats next.   I went and got measured for a mask. That was strange as it pins you to the bed and you can’t see out of it there is a space just for the nose.  CT was soon over and shortly after the MRI.  They want to check there are no more tumours.   They will then match the two together so they can target exactly where the tumours are and the mask will ensure I do not move throughout the process. 

The side effects will be minimal, controllable headaches probably as my brain my swell; but tablets will help.  My hair will fall out in about three weeks and take a few months to grow back but I wont be in any pain.   Tomotherapy is a great way to treat my tumours so I’m very pleased about that.

The doctors here are lovely, and I’m pleased to say my German that I learned in school gets me by quite well, most of the time. Excellent.

Mornings are the hardest as it takes me a while to start functioning and reality hit me hard in the face since I got here, but I just keep saying I can do this. I will get through this, come on brain work with me here lets get a wriggle on.

My joints are hurting and I fell in out of the balcony today. Was quite funny really, I was ever so graceful. Thats quite rare for me I’m such a lump.

So all is well.  Treatment officially starts Tuesday they think.  I am seing the doctor today to discuss things further. Hope I can keep my eyes open.   

Weather is so crisp and fresh that makes me feel alive which is always a good thing eh.

Till the next blog then 🙂

Faith. x