Feeling good 19 down 1 to go!

So tomorrow is my last treatment. 

My knees are still weak and don’t hold me up like they used to. Think its my expanding belly and arse. haha oh well.  Got my files back from the doctors now we have to wait here until all payments arrive from Cyprus and then we can move to a less expensive hotel and fly back on the 14th! How awesome is THAT.  I reckon I wont make it through the doors before I’m blubbering everywhere when I see my parents and son.  Then again since I got sick adverts and songs make me blubber all the time. Its like I’m pregnant all over again.. haha

Here are some images from the last MRI.  Couldnt find all the tumours but you can see Charlie. He’s the biggest.  Wont know for another 4 to 6 weeks what he is up to.  But as I am improving mentally and physically he must be dying from the inside out. The tumours all have white around them which is the swelling or bruising. In case u miss them.  All on the left.

Almost done!

So, two more treatments to go and I am finished! Yipeeeeee

I finally took the plunge and shaved my head on Wednesday. It feels much better and I am not upset about it anymore. The hair falling out is more traumatic than anything else. Now I have a velcro head ha It feels strange to the touch but doesn’t look too bad! 🙂

The doctor said I am to have 3 MRI’s when I return to Cyprus of my brain to monitor the results of the treatment and 4 courses of chemo tablets too. But they haven’t bothered me at all. Apart from tiredness, hair loss, and the occasional loss of mobility my side effects have been few and I’m so lucky for that.

So once my treatment is finished officially.. we can check out of this hotel into something much cheaper and fly home on the 14th. Whoop whoop! I get to celebrate my sons 2nd birthday with him! I can hardly wait to see him.

Thank you to all of you who have raised funds for my family and made my treatment possible. You are all amazing kind and generous and have touched my heart. Thank you to my family for looking after my son all this time and of course my darling husband for all the things you have done for me too.

8 down 12 to go

So the new treatment plan started on Monday.   2. 1/2 mins of ct scan then 20 mins of radiotherapy.This is less strong and better for me and will help my mobility. I have to say the first day was grulling. 20 mins really put me off and when I was finished I dragged myself off the bed straight upstairs to my room to lie down. I was not a happy bunny and it made my face hurt being pinned down for that long.

Today thought I woke up feeling ok, so I thought to myself its only 11 minutes longer. So for the 20 mins I lied there and hummed songs to help pass the time. Cant sing as well I can’t open mouth (probably a good thing) so that actually passed quick. Waited for my purple electric lights and then just a few minutes after I know I am done.   When I was finished I didn’t feel bad at all.  I have golf ball prints all over my face though which is quite funny.

Adam and I went off into town and found this restaurant that does ALL YOU CAN EAT for 4.90!  ALL YOU CAN EAT! That place was made for me.  So I ate ALL I COULD EAT and then we walked for about 1km and a half!  I’m so pleased with myself as my legs have started working again and I felt energized and happy.

So today is a good day for me. Its mind over matter.  But sometimes mind doesn’t work.  So I’m happy when it does.

Tomorrow is a new day. But I’m happy with today and that’s just excellent. 🙂

6 down 14 to go!

Hi all.

So not long till I can come home already.

Side effects from the cortisone have well and truly kicked in.  My knee muscles gave up on me last night and I couldn’t walk. The pain was unbearable and poor Adam had to help me off the bed and on to the loo. Good husband material for sure.

I am mostly knackered with a side order of exhausted but when I can we get the bus in to town so I can stretch my legs (well up until yesterday) and get some fresh air and see some sites. We don’t get very far but we try.

I saw the doctor today. He is so nice and concerned about my knees had a good feel of them today and I have decreased my cortisone which is super fab. I am now down to 4mg twice daily instead of 8 then down to 2 on Friday and then one twice daily after! YAY that means puffiness will ease up, pain, swelling, water retention.  Cortisone is super bad for the body.

He said I’m being zapped in all the right places but I will not see the results till 4 to 6 weeks after treatment where I will require an MRI in Cyprus which will show the dead metastasis in my brain.  He gave me some funky head pictures that show all my tumours to see on paper so not sure if I can take a photo and add them on here.

So all in all everything is going well.  The chemo tablets have not affected me. Anti emetics are working so I can still eat (yay).

I remain positive with lots of swearing on bad days which I allow myself to hate the universe and be pissed off.  Confucius say it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!  🙂

So that’s my recent news.  Treatment is working and I will know results after I get home.  Should be able to look for flights nearer the end as sometimes there are glitches with the machine and I may miss a day.  But can hopefully come home in about 19 or 20 days. Plenty of time to celebrate my son’s birthday! YAY for me and everyone.

Much love to all for all your fundraising, concerts and parties and so much more you have done.

Alethea x

Treatment time

Hi all

So this is how my days start from now on:

6am take my first anti emetic tablet then sleep till 7 and take my chemotherapy tablets. Then 8am have breakfast and at 9am take my cortisone tablets.  Then at 11am take my second  anti emetic tablet lol  I’m a walking junkie really. Rattle rattle.   I have no side effects, little nausea apart from this huge belly that is fast creaping up on me. I’m a rolley polley. sigh.

Treatment is painless. The mask is really tight though and I can’t talk or have my eyes open as I’m literally strapped to the bed with my head so I cannot move.  Adam is pleased of the invention, he will use it in Cyprus when I wont shut up I’m sure haha   I see lightning in my head throughout treatment which is very odd.  The radiotherapist chap said its rare to happen and of course, trust me to be friggin different. It scared the crap out of me as I wasnt expecting it but other than that it was ok. Quite the show really.   Treatment takes 2.5 minutes for the CT scan which will be done every time and then matched up with the brain for treatment which is 9 minutes total.

They are hoping to treat me on Saturdays too so I can get home quicker. How nice of them. I’ll be back in March in time for my sons 2nd birthday. whoop whoop.

Here are some photos of treatment in a slide show.  No Poseidon this time. And he is actually wearing a skirty thingy so what you all seem to think you SEE you dont. So there. lol

13 down 7 to go!

Well here I am with 7 days of treatment to go.  My armpit is getting more sore with each passing day now and so is my wrist. I think that’s a sign of lympoedema however I am being careful with it and doing the gentle rubbings to get fluid out of my arm and it to my remaining lymph nodes in my back.  My fingers are all the same size though thankfully.  I get a pins and needles feeling in my arm sometimes and the tape has left some not so attractive red marks which are now turning black from the radiozaps! But its a small price to pay to be rid of melanoma.

A girl a barely knew died last Saturday.  I met her via a melanoma forum and she added me on facebook too but we only chatted a few times. But I am sad as she was only 37.  Melanoma is a very cruel killer and puts up such a fight sometimes that even the strongest most optimistic person can loose. At least now JH can rest in peace.

I spent my weekend with my family, I did a bit of shopping and bought a tent and portable DVD player.  I have to say during my travels during and back the DVD player has been fab! Now I share it with another passenger and she is hooked too! If we aren’t causing a riot in the bus and being too noisy… haha

The other bus driver (from another support society) apparently doesn’t like me although we’ve met very few times in the clinic.  You see he is very bossy and can be quite rude to the cancer patients which is totally wrong.  So I stood up for them and kind of put him in his place so now he doesn’t like me. I think he believes women should be seen and not heard.. and well everyone who knows me knows I’m not like that.  You hear me before you see me..haha

In a strange way I will miss my friends from the bus as its not a place i’d rather be! We all pretty much finish in August and its been really nice as we have all laughed and joked as if we are all going on a summer holiday.  It should be called George’s fun bus.. as its not a sad place to be.  We have all been quite lucky to meet each other I think.   To every cloud there is a silver lining two of my bus friends have said to me at separate times! I plan to throw a party when I’m done for them and of course some of my good friends who have supported me throughout my journey.

I think when something terrible happens to you its life’s way of saying “wake up” you are doing something wrong.  And believe me when I say I am more awake now than I ever was.

I have received conflicting stories from two different secretaries. One saying I don’t need chemo and another saying I only need chemo of my melanoma is metastatic..  well as I have been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma I am confused now.  I am seeing the doctor on the 4th of August, last day of treatment and he is a melanoma and chemotherapy specialist so I am hoping he will shed some light on my condition as unfortunately so far apart from the excellent treatment at the clinic I’ve struggled to speak to a doctor about my issues.

Have a nice week all and remember to treasure life and all that comes with it.