The healing process

So, the healing process is also a long one. I leave wet patches where I lie, and skin bits too. I’m all in all a walking gross person.  My corn flake armpit as my husband calls it, needs constant attention, has been leaking all over my sheets and tops and really is quite painful. I’m in a strop most of the time then laughing at the state of me the next. I think I’ve lost my mind.

My poor son wonders what on earth he has done wrong when he reaches to grab me and shoves his hand in my armpit. Bless him.   Poor hubby may as well be sleeping in another room as he has to be so careful at night.. we have an invisible layer of eggs down the middle haha

I think I am starting to heal. Its spreading away from my armpit towards my back and my new skin is starting to come through. Its pinker than a newborns bottom so I’m going to be multicoloured and multi skinned when I am finished.

I am seeing the doctor on the 18th. He wants to give me an ultrasound scan and discuss the possibility of me having interferon.  I’ve decided that if any drug or trial is offered to me, I will not turn it down.  After all this is my life we are talking about and its worth everything I’ve got and haven’t got. So I will do what ever it takes to save it. Wouldn’t you?  Id hate to wake up in 2 years with another melanoma wondering what if I’d tried what they offered in the first place!

Apart from not doing much at all recently I’ve done a little of nothing too. Such an exciting life I lead. It makes a change though. I’d much rather choose a nice quiet life over bus rides and flakey snake-skin any day..

Here are the latest photos. Warning as they are not pretty.

Taken 13/08

Taken 14/08

Worse before it gets better

When I started my treatment I said as soon as its finished I was going return to work, to have a massive party, go out in town and dance the night away and celebrate and have some normality in my life.

Today I woke up feeling the worst I ever have, my armpit feels like its been rubbed down with a cheese grater and the exhaustion is bringing me to tears.   I’ve been so brave for so long and I’m so relieved that I can now relax that everything has kind of hit me like a steam roller.

I suppose its cause I’ve hardly cried throughout the whole treatment really.  Brave faced and strong willed has always been the way I’ve faced things but now that its all over I cant believe what has just recently happened to me and I’m quite upset about it really!

So although my physical battle is over, my battle to recover has just begun. I didn’t really get a chance to do that, after two surgeries straight into radiotherapy which has left me with more war wounds so to speak.. I guess as a cancer survivor which is one thing I most certainly thought id never be characterizing myself with, it takes much longer than a few days and weeks to really be able to feel normal again.

I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow to see about my armpit issue.

Taken today - Don't enlarge if squeamish

Great News

So yesterday it was a long day as we all finished radiotherapy by 1030. However we all go for various things and one of the new girls had to have a special mask made up so in the end we didn’t leave till nearly 1230, by the time I got home and picked up my son I had a sore arse and was shattered.

My armpit scar and drain exit and my back are beginning to look rather red and my right boob is sore. But other than that all is ok.

A rather angry looking armpit..

My right shoulder.. looks like sunburn.. but its not!

I was hassling my Drs secretary as I want to know how i’m to plan my upcoming months.  So she finally called yesterday and told me that I will not be requiring ANY CHEMO! YAY.. no chemo, no hair loss, no infusions.   I don’t know why yet.  But I am due to see the melanoma specialist as I have a few questions to ask about skin care and what not.

So one big fat party to be had at the end of my treatment. And all of you who have been supporting me and been there for me are invited.

Much love and thanks to all of you.

Alethea 🙂

Here are some photos of the people who I share my daily journey with.

Entrance of the BOC oncology clinic

Waiting area with reception

The door I go through when my number appears on the top!

My two new friends

New Friends

On the bus